Immersive and engaging gaming

Create better gaming experiences with real-time, cross-platform voice chat, messaging and data services in no-time with 4Players.

Leverage our 20 years of gaming experience

We understand gaming. Our development teams have been playing, creating, modding and hacking games for many years and came up with products they would love to use.

Easy and fast development
Easy and fast development

Our SDKs are deeply integrated into Unity and Unreal Engine (UE4 & UE5) and provide automatic 3D spatial audio and easy to integrate messaging.

Exceptional performance
Exceptional performance

Our operations team is optimizing a global server network for low-latency and best-in-class performance for more than 20 years.

Flexible solutions
Flexible solutions

All our services are cross-platform. Connect people on the web or social media to people playing your games.

Security and GDPR
Security and GDPR

Our services are fully GDPR compatible and can operate without any persistent authorization or can be integrated into existing auth.

Immersive 3D spatial audio

While many games are getting more and more immersive, voice-chat often is not as it’s too often a separate layer above the game world. Due to its deep engine integration our Voice SDK is part of the game world and is natively immersive; just out of the box!

Social Gaming

Gaming is so much more fun if you can share it with family and friends. Typing text messages does not work while playing games. So the best way to communicate is with your voice. And only voice can really transport emotions.

With 4Players you can embed real-time voice into your game. Add audio-effects for even more immersion. Our Voice SDK also allows users to join multiple rooms at once. And even outside spectators can join your game.


VR games and applications need to be as immersive and realistic as possible to prevent users from getting motion sick and to feel strange when the headset is on. While this is of course true for graphics, it’s even more important for audio. Headset creators have spent a lot of efforts in creating good headphones and audio solutions for their devices: let’s make use of them!

Our Voice SDK is built for perfect replication of voice in the real world. Spatial 3D audio is deeply integrated and replicates the direction and volume of voice in a 3D space.

Build virtual conferences, cinemas, multiplayer games and many more with our Voice SDK and real-time 3D audio. In VR, performance is key, and ODIN with its deep engine integration is best suited for these kinds of experiences.

Singleplayer Games

While voice is often required and used in multiplayer games, voice in single-player games is not very common. By combining our ODIN web client together with the SDK implemented in your game you create live, real-time support directly seamlessly integrated into your game.

A button in your game connects your users directly with the support team in our client application. Additional info about the current game such as the level and location on a map, for example, can be sent with the SendMessage function. This way, your support and, more importantly, or even the community can immediately help and reduce frustration.

Deep game-engine integration

Leverage the tools you know, like the Unity or Unreal Engine Editor to integrate voice and messaging into your game.

Lightning Fast & Low Latency

No lag, no interruptions. Just crystal-clear communication with ultra-low latency.

Cross Platform

Different platforms. Same code. Same high performance. ODIN knows no boundaries and can be used cross-platform on all major systems.

Fully Adaptable

Whatever you need, ODIN’s open structure allows true flexibility and is fully customizable. Your game, your rules.

Zero Bookkeeping & Stateless

No need to create and manage rooms and user-lifecycles. Odin will handle everything for you.

Experience Yourself

Download our samples and experience spatial 3D audio with friends, family, and colleagues

Open Source
Open Source

Download and test our PUN based multiplayer sample built with Unity. We provide all the source-code in our Github repository. The sample also features many scripts for audio effects like damping and general bookkeeping stuff!

Multiplatform Showcase
Multiplatform Showcase

In this sample game, you run around a nice looking neighborhood and can talk to other players with 3D positional voice and a walkie-talkie in multiple channels. We also feature a web-based commander that you can use to interact with players directly from your browser!

FPS Shooter
FPS Shooter

A simple but fun old style FPS shooter on desert style maps. ODIN 3D positional voice is integrated so that you can talk to other players with voice or radio broadcast. Have fun!