public class SCILLReward : ScriptableObject


This class is part of the SCILL reward system. Use it to create reward assets that describe the reward. You can also attach a prefab (3D model) that will be used to render a 3D model in the reward preview model.


Make sure you place your reward assets in a Resources folder as they will be loaded at runtime! Also make sure that you place all reward assets like the 3D model preview prefab and the sprite in a Resources folder.

Inspector properties


public Sprite image;

A sprite image that will be used in the SCILLBattlePassRewardIcon component to show an icon of the reward.


public string name;

A name of that reward.


public string description;

Describe the reward a bit more.


public GameObject prefab;

The reward preview will instantiate this prefab in a “photo box” to render a 3D preview of this model. You can attach the Rotate script (which is part of the SCILL package) to add some rotation to the script. You will also need to set the layer of this prefab to a layer that you exclude from your other game cameras to make sure the reward preview will not be visible somewhere in the game.