Battle Passes

Battle Passes are clever way of monetization of games and has been brought up by games like Fortnite. Battle Passes are structured challenges with different levels that users need to unlock one after the other. Unlocking the next level is only possible if all challenges within the current level have been accomplished.

Each level has a reward. This can be unlockables like new weapons or items but it can also be vouchers for users favorite coffee brand or fast food. This completely up to you.

You can use our Challenge product to build Battle Passes. However, as Battle Passes have an industry wide structure that works, we already did that for you with optimized data structures to quickly get you up and running. The basic principles are the same. You setup challenges and send events for users to update the progress on those challenges.

Battle Pass implementation of SCILL Play Desktop App

Battle Pass implementation of SCILL Play Desktop App

Key capabilities

Admin Panel

Our Admin Panel allows you to set up multi-language battle passes quickly and our query browser makes it very easy to setup even the most complex challenges. Use the Admin Panel to analyse usage patterns.


Battle Passes can be used for a variety of different things and can be used outside of the gaming industry. Powerful referral programs can also be built very quickly with our battle pass system.

Realtime updates

Users need to see in real time if they made progress in their challenges in the battle pass. SCILL offers Websockets and Webhooks to quickly implement real time updates into your game or app. In our SDKs it’s just one function call.

Send events

Use our SDKs to send events that trigger challenge progress updates.

Designed to scale

Create as many challenges as you like and send as many events as you like. We operate a world-wide net of nodes. Traffic is automatically routes to the best available location.

How does it work?

Battle Passes share the same concepts as in our Challenge as a Service product and the engine behind a Battle Pass is our challenge system.

The basic concept of a challenge is pretty simple: You set a goal and ask the user to reach that goal within a certain period. Goals must be measurable with one simple integer. Every active challenge has a current state which is also an integer. A simple challenge for example is: “Invite 5 other users”. The goal here is 5, the current state will be 0 when the challenge is activated. After the user invited one other user an event is sent to SCILL. SCILL will process that event and increases the counter of the current state by 1. SCILL cloud will then notify your backend by calling a Webhook (if defined) and will notify any connected clients of this user to reflect this change in the user interface in real time.

Implementation Path

1Integrate SDK

Integrate our SDK into your app or game. We offer SDKs for all major platforms

2Add User Interface

Implement a user interface to show battle passes to your users within your app or game. Our SDKs offer simple to use methods of getting user specific data and update them in real time. We also provide example user interface for major platforms.

3Send events

Use our SDKs to send events that trigger challenge progress updates.

4Reward users

If users achieve all challenges of a level, you should give them a reward like a free item, a badge or an achievement.

Next Steps