SCILL is a toolset you can use to quickly add fun to your game or app. SCILL supports all plattforms and features easy to use SDKs to implement those features in days and not weeks or months.

All our products share the same principles:

  • Easy to use Admin Tool for content creation, management and analysis
  • Easy to implement SDKs for all major programming languages and well documented REST-APIs
  • Conforms to GDPR rules
  • Free Tiers to get started quickly and for free
  • Indie Tiers with Fair Use Policy and capped pricing and flexible, scalable Enterprise tiers

Products available today


Add challenges and referral programs to your app or game

Battle Passes

Add another layer of monetization to your game with our Battle Pass System


Add flexible leaderboards to your app or game" target="/scill/products/product-leaderboards