Get started with SCILL

Quick Guide ( TL;DR )

1Access Admin Panel

Access the Admin Panel and create an App and an API Key for it.

2Choose your SDK

Choose your SDK, download and install.

3Watch First Video Tutorial

Watch the first chapter of the SCILL Unity SDK Video Tutorial. Although in context of the Unity Engine it contains useful information about the admin panel independent of chosen SDK!

4More Videos / Examples

Find more video tutorials depending on your chosen SDK:

SCILL Unity SDK Video Tutorials

SCILL Unreal SDK Video Tutorials

or check out some Example Games


SCILL gives you the tools to activate, retain and grow your user base in your app or game by bringing you features well known in the gaming industry: Gamification. We take care of the services and technology involved so you can focus on your game and content.

The source of (user) action is motivation. Having an app that solves a daily need is enough to motivate users to launch the app and to use it. However, everyone is facing constant distractions and offerings on how to spend their time. So it’s important to keep your users in the loop of being constantly motivated and wanting to launch your app or game. One way of doing that, and the gaming industry has done that for a long time very successfully, is by offering challenges and rewards.

However, while the concept of giving the users challenges and rewarding them for successful completion is easy, building and maintaining it, is not so easy. You need to gather a lot of data and process it in real time. Next, you need to trigger your users at the right time. All of this is easier said than done.

This is where SCILL comes into play: If you follow this guide you will have integrated basic challenges into your app or application production ready in a couple of hours.

SCILL currently supports challenges, battle passes, and leaderboards, all of which are driven by events you send to us.


Testing SCILL does not require any coding. Using our Admin Panel you can build challenges and battle passes in minutes. Use our Playground application to simulate events, see your challenges and battle passes come to life. If you like it, add our SDK and in case of Unity you’ll have a battle pass running after dropping two prefabs in your scene.

Create an app

The core organizational unit in SCILL is an application.

Create an app in our Admin Panel:

Adding an application in the Admin Panel

Adding an application in the Admin Panel

After that, select the new app from the app selection in the top bar and navigate to “API Keys” to add an API key for the new game:

Adding an api key for our new game

Adding an api key for our new game

You need an API key to securely communicate with the SCILL backend. Keep your API key hidden and private; do not expose it in the browser.

Next steps

If you want to get started with challenges, visit our Create Challenges page.

Learn more about Battle Passes or create your first Leaderboard.

To find our more about events, visit our Events page.

Check out our Unity and Unreal SDK Tutorial Video Playlists and subscribe to our SCILL Youtube Channel to be notified about new content.