Add SCILL to a game

SCILL gives you the tools to activate, retain and grow your user base in your app or game by bringing you features well known in the gaming industry: Gamification. We take care of the services and technology involved, so you can focus on your game and content.

The source of (user) action is motivation. Having an app that solves a daily need is enough to motivate users to launch the app and to use it. However, everyone is facing constant distractions and offerings on how to spend their time. So it’s important to keep your users in the loop of being constantly motivated and wanting to launch your app or game. One way of doing that, and the gaming industry has done that for a long time very successfully, is by offering challenges and rewards.

However, while the concept of giving the users challenges and rewarding them for successful completion is easy, building and maintaining it, is not so easy. You need to gather a lot of data and process it in real time. Next, you need to trigger your users at the right time. All of this is easier said then done.

Our SDKs for Unity and Unreal get you started quickly with production ready prefabs. If you use a custom built engine, you can leverage our dataservices via REST API.

Please choose your game engine and learn how to get started.

Unity SDK

Our Unity SDK features full support for all available platforms and provides production ready and easily customizable UI prefabs.

Unreal SDK

Our Unreal SDK features full support for all available platforms and comes with Blueprint and C++ support and provides customizable UI components.