Realtime Updates

SCILL provides a services mostly used in realtime applications. Users want to see their challenges and battle passes to progress in realtime in games, apps and websites. The SCILL backend implements that using a MQTT broker system with auto generated topics.

If you use the SCILL SDKs you don’t need to take care of the details, however, if you are interested in the details or want to implement your own MQTT client, here are the details.

MQTT server info


You need to use the Websocket protocol in browser environments as native, binary MQTT protocol is not supported by browsers these days.


To keep things simple, we use auto-generated topic paths that you have to generate for a user. Our AuthApi implements a function to generate those Topics. Use the above server info to connect to our MQTT server and subscribe to the topic created using our REST-API.


The Realtime update system and the Webhook system share the same objects as payloads.