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Crystal clear 3D voice chat with deep game engine integration for Unity and Unreal (UE4 & UE5)

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Features that speak for themselves

Fast & Easy Integration

It can’t get easier than this: The integration of ODIN into any existing project is simple and fast – taking just a few hours.

Fully Integrated

Unlike comparable tools, ODIN is integrated directly into existing game engines, offering a seamless and powerful connection.

Highly Reliable & Scalable

Our software runs on highly optimized servers and is monitored 24/7 globally – no matter how many users you have or how distributed your operations are.

Lightning Fast & Low Latency

No lag, no interruptions. Just crystal-clear communication with ultra-low latency.

Cross Platform

Different platforms. Same code. Same high performance. ODIN knows no boundaries and can be used cross-platform on all major systems.

Built-In Privacy & Security

Your users care about privacy – so do we! ODIN does not require personal data and is fully GDPR-compliant. Germany has been one of the world’s most demanding market in terms of data protection. We understand it better than any of our competitors.

Fully Adaptable

Whatever you need, ODIN’s open structure allows true flexibility and is fully customizable. Your game, your rules.

Zero Bookkeeping & Stateless

No need to create and manage rooms and users lifecycle. Odin will handle everything for you.

Realtime Messaging

Create cross-platform text chat experiences. Between users, employees, and bots.

Realtime Data

Send and process data in real-time using our platform and create interactive experiences in apps, games and on websites.

Our USPs

This table shows strengths and weaknesses of various voice SDKs available in the market.

Pricing models
Cloud hosting
Self hosting
Traffic included
Users per room
Deep Unity Integration
Deep Unreal Engine Integration
Unreal Engine 5 support
Web Support
Swift SDK
Essential features
Latest technology
Multi-room support
Intrinsic data protection
Real-time data synchronization

Made for developers

In just a few lines of code you can connect and join a room. See the full list of our SDKs here.

Our ODIN SDK is deeply integrated into Unity and features automatic 3D spatial audio. Use the tools you know like AudioSource and AudioListener or the built-in Unity AudioMixer for your voice chat integration.

Manage all aspects of our Voice SDK within Unity and integrate it in a couple of hours into your game or XR experience.

Our ODIN SDK is deeply integrated into Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and features Blueprint support and automatic 3D spatial audio. Our Voice SDK leverages Unreal Engines audio processing so that you can use the tools you know and love!

Manage all aspects of our Voice SDK within the Unreal Engine Editor and integrate it in a couple of hours into your game or XR experience.

Add real-time voice communication and text messaging in not time to your iOS and macOS apps and games. Our ODIN SDK is built on top of Apple’s Audio implementation and features automatic 3D spatial audio.

Manage all aspects of our Voice SDK within Xcode and integrate it in a couple of hours into your game or XR experience.

Integrating our Voice SDK in any website with vanilla JavaScript is seamless, effortless, and easy. Add our script and join a room, that’s it.

        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var connectOdin = async function(room, user) {
                const token = await getToken(room, user);
                const odinRoom = await OdinClient.initRoom(token);
                await odinRoom.join();
                return odinRoom;
            connectOdin("My Room", "John Doe").then(odinRoom => {
               console.log("Connected to room", odinRoom);

Adding our Voice SDK to any modern JavaScript framework like Angular, Svelve, Vue, React is super easy. Just add our npm package @4players/odin to your package.json and connect a room. That’s it.

import { OdinClient } from '@4players/odin';
import { TokenGenerator } from "@4players/odin-tokens";

const generator = new TokenGenerator(apiKey);
const token = generator.createToken("My Room", "John Doe");
const odinRoom = await OdinClient.initRoom(token);
await odinRoom.join();

Add ODIN to your C or C++ projects with our simple to use ODIN Core SDK. Our Core SDK is the foundation of all other SDKs and features an easy-to-use interface.

// Generate access token - should be done on a server
char room_token[512];
OdinTokenGenerator* generator = odin_token_generator_create("__YOUR_ACCESS_KEY__");
odin_token_generator_create_token(generator, "My Room", "John Doe", room_token, sizeof(room_token));

// Setup event handler and join a room.
OdinRoomHandle room = odin_room_create();
odin_room_set_event_callback(room, handle_odin_event, NULL);
odin_room_join(room, gateway_url, room_token);

Flexible and fair pricing

Traffic included

As one of the largest providers of game servers in the world, traffic is not an issue for us – one thing less you need to worry about.

Hosting included

Don’t worry about server costs, maintenance and operations. We’ll handle world-wide server hosting for you.

Upon request self-hosting is possible, too.

Unlimited Rooms

Our software automatically creates and destroys rooms for you. Create as many rooms as you like. There is no limit.

SDKs included

Our Voice SDK is deeply integrated into Unity and Unreal Engine (UE4 & UE5) via our free SDKs. For hard core developers a C based client library is available.

What is PCU?

PCU means peak concurrent users. Concurrent users is how many users are connected at the same time to ODIN servers. And peak concurrent users means the peak of that value per month.


Ideal for evaluation and development

  • Up to 25 PCUs
  • Unity and Unreal Engine Plugins
  • Web and mobile SDKs
  • Community Support via Discord
  • No registration required

from € 0,19 /mo

Ideal for all games, apps and experiences

  • Pay as you Go
  • Unity and Unreal Engine Plugins
  • Web and mobile SDKs
  • Support via Discord/Mail/Phone
  • Production ready
  • PCU Volume Pricing available (details)

* Limited special offer for the first 12 months. After that, your subscription will automatically renew in the Pro tier starting at 0,19 € per user per month (measured by PCU) until you cancel. We reserve the right to update the terms of this offer at any time.

Pricing model does not work for you?

If the pricing model does not work for you for whatever reason, please get in touch with us so we can create a custom proposal to fit your needs.

Experience yourself

Download our samples and experience spatial 3D audio with friends, family and colleagues

Open Source
Open Source

Download and test our PUN based multiplayer sample built with Unity. We provide all the source-code in our Github repository. The sample also features many scripts for audio effects like damping and general bookkeeping stuff.

Multiplatform Showcase
Multiplatform Showcase

In this sample game, you run around a nice looking neighborhood and can talk to other players with 3D positional voice and a walkie-talkie in multiple channels. We also feature a web-based commander that you can use to interact with players directly from your browser.

FPS Shooter
FPS Shooter

A simple but fun old style FPS shooter on desert style maps. ODIN 3D positional voice is integrated so that you can talk to other players with voice or radio broadcast. Have fun!

SwiftUI Sample
SwiftUI Sample

A simple but fully functional SwiftUI sample that leverages OdinKit to build an iOS app that allows you to chat with friends in no time.