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Voice chat for your apps, games and websites

Experience unparalleled audio quality and seamless integration with our next-generation Voice Chat SDK, including proximity chat for immersive, directly integrated 3D voice experiences. Designed for Unity, Unreal Engine, and even your favorite web browser, our SDK offers noise suppression, ultra-low-latency, and scalable architecture with both hosting and self-hosting options. Sync text messages, documents, or game states effortlessly using our versatile data channel. Transform your gaming and communication experience today.

Made for Developers

In just a few lines of code you can connect and join a room. See the full list of our SDKs here.

Manage all aspects of voice within the Unreal Engine Editor and integrate it quickly into your game or XR experience. Our ODIN SDK leverages Unreal Engines audio processing and is deeply integrated into Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) as well as Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and supports Blueprints and automatic proximity chat (3D spatial audio).

Manage all aspects of voice within Unity and integrate it quickly into your game or XR experience. Our ODIN SDK is deeply integrated into Unity and features automatic proximity chat (3D spatial audio). Use the tools you know, like AudioSource, AudioListener or the built-in Unity AudioMixer, for your voice chat integration.

Add ODIN to your C or C++ projects with our simple to use ODIN Core SDK. Our Core SDK is the foundation of all other SDKs and features an easy-to-use interface.

// Generate access token - should be done on a server
char room_token[512];
OdinTokenGenerator* generator = odin_token_generator_create("__YOUR_ACCESS_KEY__");
odin_token_generator_create_token(generator, "My Room", "John Doe", room_token, sizeof(room_token));

// Setup event handler and join a room.
OdinRoomHandle room = odin_room_create();
odin_room_set_event_callback(room, handle_odin_event, NULL);
odin_room_join(room, gateway_url, room_token);

Manage all aspects of voice within Xcode and integrate it in quickly into your game or XR experience. Add real-time voice communication and text messaging in no time to your iOS and macOS apps or games. Our SDK is built on top of Apple’s Audio implementation and features automatic 3D spatial audio.

Integrating our Voice SDK in any website with vanilla JavaScript is seamless, effortless, and easy. Add our script and join a room, that’s it.

        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var connectOdin = async function(room, user) {
                const token = await getToken(room, user);
                const odinRoom = await ODIN.OdinClient.initRoom(token);
                await odinRoom.join();
                return odinRoom;
            connectOdin("My Room", "John Doe").then(odinRoom => {
               console.log("Connected to room", odinRoom);

Use our NodeJS ODIN SDK to create AI bots or scripts that interacts with your game or XR experience. Useful for content moderation, analytics, recording and AI enhanced human interactions.

// Load the odin module and other libs
import odin from '@4players/odin-nodejs';
const {OdinClient} = odin;

const odinClient = new OdinClient();
const room = odinClient.createRoom("__YOUR_ACCESS_KEY__", roomName, userName);

// Send a message to the room using a JSON object (can be anything you like)
const sendMessage = (text) => {
    const message = {
        kind: 'message',
        payload: text
    room.sendMessage(new TextEncoder().encode(JSON.stringify(message)));

// Listen on PeerJoined messages and send a text message into the room
room.addEventListener('PeerJoined', (event) => {
    sendMessage(`${event.userId} joined the room.`);

// Listen on PeerLeft messages and send a text message into the room
room.addEventListener('PeerLeft', (event) => {
    sendMessage(`${event.userId} has left the room.`);

// Join the room and start receiving events

Adding our Voice SDK to any modern JavaScript framework like Angular, Svelve, Vue, React is super easy. Just add our npm package @4players/odin to your package.json and connect a room. That’s it.

import { OdinClient } from '@4players/odin';
import { TokenGenerator } from "@4players/odin-tokens";

const generator = new TokenGenerator(apiKey);
const token = generator.createToken("My Room", "John Doe");
const odinRoom = await OdinClient.initRoom(token);
await odinRoom.join();

Trusted by developers and studios all around the world.

Proximity Voice Chat

ODIN integrates seamlessly into Unity and Unreal Engine and provides native and easy to implement 3D proximity chat with audio occlusion.

Massively Scalable

ODIN supports hundreds of concurrent users in the same room with automated partitioning of data packets based on position and super efficent servers.


Deep Game Engine Integration

ODIN is integrated directly into Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and 5, offering a seamless and powerful integration into new and existing apps, games and applications.

Deep Game Engine Integration
Host Yourself or Get Hosted

Our software runs in the highly optimized 4Players Cloud or you can host servers yourself in any cloud you want or on-premise on your own hardware.

Host Yourself or Get Hosted

… and much more

Outstanding Voice Quality

Our proprietary technology based on latest internet technologies like QUIC/HTTP3 is built specifically for voice and low-latency data synchronization.

Outstanding Voice Quality
Real-Time Data and Networking

Unlike comparable tools, ODIN is integrated directly into existing game engines, offering a seamless and powerful connection.

Real-Time Data and Networking
Native Apple Swift SDK

Implement real-time voice in your macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps with our native Swift SDK. It’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly into your existing code.

Native Apple Swift SDK
GDPR Compliant

Privacy and security is very important to us. ODIN is completely user agnostic and we don’t harvest any data or tell you how things should work or look. You are in complete control.

GDPR Compliant
Horizontally Scalable

Our server is a single binary that can be scaled horizontally with ease using standard container orchestration software like Kubernetes, ECS or Openshift.

Horizontally Scalable

We provide a JavaScript/TypeScript SDK that can be used to integrate ODIN into any web application or website and that is even cross-platform compatible with your Unity or Unreal Engine app.


Odin’s Competitive Edge

Discover how ODIN stands out among the top voice SDKs in the industry.

Hosting & Pricing
Cloud hosting
Self hosting
Traffic included
Users per room
Platform & Engine Integration
Deep Unity Integration
Deep Unreal Engine Integration
Unreal Engine 5 support
Web Support
Swift SDK
Core Communication Features
Native Spatial Audio
Latest technology
Multi-room support
Intrinsic data protection
Real-time data synchronization

Supported Platforms

Different platforms, same code, equal performance. We support all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.

Windows Windows Apple Apple Android Android PlayStation PlayStation Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch XBox XBox Linux Linux Unity Unity Unreal Engine Unreal Engine


Leverage the global reach of the 4Players Cloud, spanning over 14 locations worldwide. Our intelligent SDK optimizes user experience by auto-selecting the prime location for connectivity.

Ideal for evaluation and development

  • Ideal for evaluation and development
  • Up to 25 PCUs
  • Unity and Unreal Engine Plugins
  • Web and mobile SDKs
  • Documentation, Samples and AI Bot
  • No registration required

What is Peak Concurrent User (PCU) ?

Concurrent Users (CU) denotes the total number of users actively connected to the ODIN servers at any given moment, while Peak Concurrent Users (PCU) represents the zenith of this count over a monthly duration. With ODIN’s advanced dashboard, enterprises can monitor real-time user engagement and even set constraints on the peak value, ensuring consistent budget management and optimal server resource utilization.

Requiring a Custom Pricing Structure?

Should our standard pricing model not align with your enterprise’s unique requirements, we invite you to reach out. Our team is committed to crafting tailored proposals that seamlessly match your needs.

Download the ODIN server and gateway tools to seamlessly deploy ODIN servers at your preferred locations.

Custom License
Get a quote
Ideal for encapsulated environments like military, health and other applications that require to follow highest security standards

  • Perfect for high-security sectors: military, healthcare
  • Internet connection optional
  • 12 months software updates included
  • Windows, Linux, macOS support
  • On-premise, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and more
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Community Support via Discord
  • Documentation, Samples and AI Bot

Requiring a Custom Pricing Structure?

Should our standard pricing model not align with your enterprise’s unique requirements, we invite you to reach out. Our team is committed to crafting tailored proposals that seamlessly match your needs.

Premium Support Packages

Our Premium Support Packages are crafted to meet your specific needs, offering unparalleled, dedicated support to ensure a smooth and successful ODIN experience. Explore our options to align perfectly with your project support needs.

EUR 600
Perfect for immediate, in-depth support or integration workshops

  • 4 hours of dedicated One-on-One Support
  • One-time payment

Get a Quote
For enterprises seeking comprehensive, all-access assistance

  • Up to 40 hours of dedicated One-on-One Support each month
  • Dedicated Discord/Slack Channel
  • Fast response within 8 hours
  • Hands-On Coding Assistance
  • Custom feature implementation

What Others Say

Experience Yourself

Download our samples and experience spatial 3D audio with friends, family and colleagues

Open Source
Open Source

Download and test our PUN based multiplayer sample built with Unity. We provide all the source-code in our Github repository. The sample also features many scripts for audio effects like damping and general bookkeeping stuff.

Multiplatform Showcase
Multiplatform Showcase

In this sample game, you run around a nice looking neighborhood and can talk to other players with 3D positional voice and a walkie-talkie in multiple channels. We also feature a web-based commander that you can use to interact with players directly from your browser.

FPS Shooter
FPS Shooter

A simple but fun old style FPS shooter on desert style maps. ODIN 3D positional voice is integrated so that you can talk to other players with voice or radio broadcast. Have fun!

SwiftUI Sample
SwiftUI Sample

A simple but fully functional SwiftUI sample that leverages OdinKit to build an iOS app that allows you to chat with friends in no time.

Spatial Realism with ODIN

Experience the revolution in game communication with ODIN’s Voice Chat. Perfect for Unity, Unreal, and other 3D engines, our technology brings voice to life. Hear voices change with distance, direction, and in-game barriers, creating an unmatched realistic audio experience. Watch our video to see how ODIN transforms real-time voice chat, making it an integral part of your game’s world.