Developer Documentation

How it works

ODIN is a standalone client server architecture. 4Players hosts the servers, handles the network and all the audio processing that is required for great voice communication. From your perspective, ODIN is a pur client integration, you don’t need to do any server side processing or maintenance.

graph BT
  subgraph ODIN Server
    OR2[Odin Room]
    OR[Odin Room]    
  subgraph Gameserver
    GS[Game Server]
  subgraph Game
    ClientA[Player A] --> OR[ODIN Room]
    ClientB[Player B] --> OR[ODIN Room] 
    ClientB[Player B] --> GS[Game Server]   
    ClientC[Player C] --> GS[Game Server]
    ClientC[Player C] --> OR[ODIN Room] 
    ClientD[Player D] --> GS[Game Server]
  subgraph Lobby
    ClientE[Players E] --> OR2[ODIN Room]
    ClientF[Players F] --> OR2[ODIN Room]

This graph outlines how ODIN works in a multiplayer environment. You build the client application (i.e. the game) and the server component (game server) as usual. Once ODIN is integrated into your game, the players device will connect to the game server as usual, but in addition to that to ODIN servers that route all voice packets to all other players joined to the same ODIN room. Players may choose not to use voice chat. Those players will not connect to ODIN and will not be able to listen or talk to other players (like Player D). On the other side, other players might only join the voice server, without playing - for example if they are in the lobby, or the angry mum yelling that the player should stop playing and doing his homework (player A).

You can integrate ODIN in single player games with a community element, virtual or augmented reality based video conferencing solutions, the meta verse, virtual homeschooling and training applications and of course multiplayer games (peer to peer or dedicated servers) from simple shooters to massive multiplayer online games with thousands of players in the same room.

As ODIN supports cross play you can even connect a mobile application or website directly with players in the game. A battle net like launcher application based on Electron where players can meet and chat and directly start a shared game with automatic hand-over.

The possibilities are endless, and you don’t need to be an audio or server expert! We have compiled a couple of use-cases if you are still unsure if ODIN fits for needs.