Developer Documentation


Our Unreal Engine Plugin contains these Room Blueprints:

Join RoomJoins an ODIN room with the room token provided. Every peer connected to the same room will be able to talk to each other and exchange data.
Add Media To RoomAdds a previously generated media object to the room. Once this is done, the users microphone input will be sent to other users so they can hear the audio.
Set Room Position ScaleSets the multiplicative scale for all coordinates used in position updates. Use this as the maximum radius in which a peer can be heard. The scale value is used to optimize audio streams by not streaming audio data to peer’s that are outside of hearing range.
Update Peer PositionUpdates the position of the own peer in the room. You have to set the scale beforehand via Set Room Position Scale.
Send MessageSends arbitrary data to a list of target peers to an ODIN room. Every peer connected to the same room will be able to receive the message.
Get Room Connection StatsGet statistics for a room connection. This function provides detailed information about the connection status and metrics in an ODIN room.
Set Room APM ConfigUpdates audio processing settings for capture media handles in a specific room. This function allows modification of various audio processing parameters for a room.
Set Room APM Stream DelayUpdates the delay estimate in ms for reverse stream used in echo cancellation. This function modifies the delay settings for a specific room.
Destroy Local Room HandleCloses the connection to the server and destroys the local room handle. This function is used to properly disconnect and clean up resources associated with a room.