Developer Documentation

Odin Synth Component

Our Unreal Engine Plugin contains these Odin Synth Component Blueprints:

Odin Assign Synth to MediaAssign a media stream coming with the Media Added event to the Odin Synth Component which will generate audio output from the incoming stream.
Reset Odin MediaThis function can be used to reset the media handle assigned to the targeted ODIN Synth Component instance. Resetting a media handle will restore it to its default configuration. This operation resets the internal Opus encoder/decoder, ensuring a clean state. Additionally, it clears internal buffers, providing a fresh start.
Adjust AttenuationThis function is used to modify the Attenuation Settings on the targeted ODIN Synth instance. It is worth noting that Attenuation Settings are only passed to new Active Sounds on start, so modified Attenuation data should be set before sound playback.