Developer Documentation


Our Unreal Engine Plugin contains these Functions Blueprints:

Construct Local Room HandleCreates a local room object that will be used to handle events and client side connection settings. Connect the Room output to the Room input of the Join Room node. You can also use the Room output to handle events like Room Joined or Media Added.
Make ODIN APM SettingsCreates an APM settings object that can be used to construct a local room handle.
Generate Room TokenTakes an access key and a room id and creates a room token that is used to join a room. In production this should be done in a protected environment, e.g. your authentication server (see example project `Token ServerĀ“)
Construct a Token GeneratorCreates a token generator that is used to generate room tokens on client side.
Create Odin Audio CaptureCreates an Odin Audio Capture object, that can be used to get access to the microphone on the users device. The Odin Audio Capture object adds features to the default Unreal Audio Capture, like enabling capture device switching on supported platforms or improved Push-To-Talk features. Please make sure, that the Audio Capture Plugin is enabled.
Format ErrorTakes an ODIN error code and returns an error message a string which can be printed to the log.
Generate Access KeyCreates an access key that can be used to generate room tokens. These keys are only for development and should not be used in production.
Add Odin Synth ComponentAdds the Odin Synth Component to the specified actor.
Get and Set Volume MultiplierGetVolumeMultiplier: Retrieves the current volume multiplier of the capture device’s input. SetVolumeMultiplier: Sets the volume multiplier for the capture device’s input.
Get and Set Max Volume MultiplierGetMaxVolumeMultiplier: Retrieves the current maximum volume multiplier value. SetMaxVolumeMultiplier: Sets the new maximum volume multiplier value.