On Room Joined

On Room Joined

Handles Room Joined events which are called once the local player has successfully Bind to On Room Joined delegate node to handle this event for the specified room.


There might be issues if you create the event manually. Instead, drop a Bind to On Room Joined node into the blueprint, drag out from Event until you see the red line. Then release the mouse button and in the drop down choose Add Custom Event. Unreal will create the correct event for you then.


DelegatedelegateBind to a Bind to On Room Joined delegate node to get this event triggered once the room has been joined.


Peer IdintegerThe id of the peer that joined the room. This is the self peer id, i.e. the peer id of the local player.
Room User DataArray of byteThe user data stored in the room as an array of bytes
RoomRoom Object ReferenceThe Room object reference that the user just joined.