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Unreal Engine Plugin

4Players ODIN

The Unreal Engine plugin is based on our C/C++ SDK and provides full blueprint support for UE4 and UE5. The latest version can be checked out from our Github repository:

Download Unreal Engine SDK Get from Unreal Marketplace

Sample project

We have compiled a sample project that you can use as a reference to understand how to wire up the blueprints. As a quick tip: Select and copy our blueprints and paste them in into your own project!

Download Unreal Sample Project


  • Unreal Engine 4.26 or any later version (including 5.x)

Internally, the plugin is built and tested with Unreal Engine 4.27.

Installing the plugin

You can install the plugin manually by downloading the source code from our Github repository or you can download it through the Unreal Marketplace.

Manual installation

To check out the SDK and use it as a project plugin, clone the git repo into a working directory of your choice.

This repository uses LFS (large file storage) to manage pre-compiled binaries. Note that a standard clone of the repository might only retrieve the metadata about these files managed with LFS. In order to retrieve the actual data with LFS, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone

  2. Cache the actual LFS data on your local machine:
    git lfs fetch

  3. Replaces the metadata in the binary files with their actual contents:
    git lfs checkout

Next, unzip the files into a new Odin sub-folder under your projects Plugins folder. It should end up looking like /MyProject/Plugins/Odin/.

If you’re new to plugins in UE4, you can find lots of information right here.

Unreal Marketplace

This is the most comfortable solution as you get notified of new versions and installation is as easy as clicking a button.

Get ODIN from Unreal Marketplace

Using the plugin

Please make sure to read the introduction to have a basic understanding of how the plugin works. We have compiled a couple of use-cases for different types of games that should get you started quickly.


Implementing ODIN into your game can be done quickly and easily. We have created a manual to show you how to use them and which settings are available and how to use them.

Blueprint Reference

We have an extensive blueprint reference of all our nodes and functions. Check it out here.