public class Room : IDisposable

Main Room


ConfigRoomConfigRoom configuration
IsJoinedBooleantrue on successful Odin or false
SelfPeerClient Peer
RemotePeersPeerCollectionConatiner of room peers
PlaybackMediasIEnumerable<MediaCollection>Get all medias of room peers
MicrophoneMediaMicrophoneStreamCurrent room microphone data route

Static Properties


Public Methods

SetApmConfigSet rooms new Apm config
JoinJoin the room via Odin gateway
CreateMicrophoneMediaTry to add a MicrophoneMedia
UpdateUserDataUpdates the user data for our own peer. The server will populate this data to all other visible peers in the same room.
SendMessageSends arbitrary data to a peer that the Media belongs to.
BroadcastMessageSends arbitrary data to a all remote peers in this room.
SetMicrophoneMuteWill set the room MicrophoneMedia to mute
SetPositionScaleConfigures the allowed 'view' distance for proximity calculation of peers in the room
UpdatePositionUpdates the two-dimensional position of our own peer in the room
LeaveLeave a room and free all remote peers and associated medias