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public class PeerJoinedProxy : UnityEvent<object, PeerJoinedEventArgs>

This class provides the base functionality for UnityEvents based Room. A persistent callback that can be saved with the Scene. Unity Inspector event wrapper (UnityEvent)


Defines the structure of the OnPeerJoined event. See PeerJoinedEventArgs for more info on the payload sent with this event.

sender is typically an instance of the Room class.

You need to create a function with this prototype and then link the OnPeerJoined that you can find in the inspector of the Odin Handler Prefab or use code to attach a listener to that event of your OdinHandler instance like so:



PeerJoinedProxy Example
public void OnPeerJoined (object sender, PeerJoinedEventArgs eventArgs)
    // Sender is typically a Room instance
    Room room = sender as Room;