Developer Documentation


public class MediaPipeline

Odin audio pipeline



Public Methods

GetEffectsGet Pipeline effects collection
GetNextIndexCalculate the next available index based on MediaPipeline entries
GetEffectCountGet the current effect count of the native pipeline
GetEffectIdGet the effect id of the native pipeline by index id
AddApmEffectInsert a apm effect and sets the apm config
InsertApmEffectInsert a apm effect to native pipeline
AddCustomEffectInsert a custom effect and sets the Media where T marks Serialize/Deserialize structures
InsertCustomEffectInsert a custom effect to native pipeline
AddVadEffectInsert a vad effect
InsertVadEffectInsert a vad effect to native pipeline
MoveEffectMoves a effect in the native pipeline to a new index
RemoveEffectRemoves a effect from the native pipeline