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public class OdinHandler : MonoBehaviour



HasConnectionsBooleanTrue if any Room is joined
MicrophoneMicrophoneReaderUnity Component that handles one Microphone where data gets routed through (n) Media
OnRoomJoinRoomJoinProxyCalled before an actual room join
OnRoomJoinedRoomJoinedProxyCalled after a room is joined successfully
OnRoomLeaveRoomLeaveProxyCalled before a room leave
OnRoomLeftRoomLeftProxyCalled after a room is destroyed
OnPeerJoinedPeerJoinedProxyCalled on every Peer that joins the room(s) we're connected to
OnPeerUserDataChangedPeerUserDataChangedProxyCalled on every Peer that updates his UserData in the same room(s)
OnPeerLeftPeerLeftProxyCalled on every Peer that left in the same room(s)
OnMediaAddedMediaAddedProxyCalled on every Peer that created a media in the same room(s)
OnMediaRemovedMediaRemovedProxyCalled on every Peer that closed/destroyed one of his own media in the same room(s)
OnMediaActiveStateChangedMediaActiveStateChangedProxyCalled on every activity change of a media in the same room(s)
OnRoomUserDataChangedRoomUserDataChangedProxyCalled on the Room that updates his UserData
OnMessageReceivedMessageReceivedProxyCalled on every Peer that received message from a peer by UInt64%5b%5d%2cSystem
OnConnectionStateChangedConnectionStateChangedProxyCalled on the Room that changed the connection state
OnCreatedMediaObjectUnityCreatedMediaObjectCalled if this OdinHandler created a MediaStream that was requested by the MediaQueue
OnDeleteMediaObjectUnityDeleteMediaObjectCalled if this OdinHandler destroyed a MediaStream that was closed by a remote peer and was requested by the MediaQueue
UnityAudioSourceTagStringIdentify by Unity-Tag to attach a Audio
Use3DAudioBooleanEnable 3D Audio via preset Odin
CreatePlaybackBooleanCreates Room_OnMediaAdded(System events

Static Properties

ConfigOdinEditorConfigStatic reference to the global Unity
InstanceOdinHandlerSingleton reference to this OdinHandler

Public Methods

JoinRoomJoin or create a room by name and attach a Media
LeaveRoomLeave and free the Room by name
AddPlaybackComponentTries to identifiy a gameobject by tag to assign the PlaybackComponent
GetOrCreateMicrophoneStreamReturns the attached Audio
RoomsSetPositionScaleConfigures the allowed 'view' distance for proximity calculation of peers in each room
RoomsUpdatePositionUpdates the two-dimensional position of our own peer in each room
UpdateUserDataUpdates the Rooms
GetRoomGets the room object from Odin
GetPeerGets the a Peer object from a specified room matching a peer ID
GetMediaGet the PlaybackStream of a peer in the room
GetPeersGet all remote peers inside a room
BroadcastMessageSends arbitrary data to a all remote peers in all rooms
GetPlaybackComponentsGets all Audio across all rooms
GetPlaybackComponentGets a Audio
DestroyPlaybackComponentsDestroys all Audio instances