Developer Documentation



Version 1.1.0 is deprecated and will be removed in the future and is not being supported for new users. Please update to the latest version as soon as possible.

public class PeerCollection : IReadOnlyCollection<Peer>, IEqualityComparer<Peer>

Intern peer dictionary


Item[UInt64]PeerTry to get Peer by id
CountInt32Count of peers in the collection
IsReadOnlyBooleanIndicates whether elements can be added or removed from the collection

Public Methods

AddAdd a peer to the collection
ClearFree and empty the collection
ContainsDetermines whether the peer by id is in the collection
CopyToCopies peers of the collection to an array
EqualsDetermines whether the peers are equal
GetEnumeratorGet enumerator for iteration
GetHashCodeDefault GetHashCode
RemoveRemove a peer by id from the collection