Developer Documentation


export interface OdinEvents

Defines available Odin events


AudioDataReceivedOdinAudioDataReceivedEventFired when audio data is available for media streams. Audio comes in 16 bit and 32 bit float samples and are available individually for each peer. You can use the samples to record audio or send them to an AI for transcription.
ConnectionStateChangedOdinConnectionStateChangedEventFired when the connection state of the room changed.
JoinedOdinJoinedEventFired when the local user connected to the room (successfully joined).
LeftOdinLeftEventFired when the local user disconnected from the room (left).
MediaActivityOdinMediaActivityEventFired when a media stream was activated or deactivated. The active flag is true if the user started to talk and false if the user stopped talking.
MediaAddedOdinMediaAddedEventFired when a media stream was added to a peer. This happens for example if a peer adds a microphone to the room
MediaRemovedOdinMediaRemovedEventFired when a media stream was removed from a peer. This happens for example if a peer removes a microphone from the room
MessageReceivedOdinMessageReceivedEventFired when a remote peer sent a message to the room.
PeerJoinedOdinPeerJoinedEventFired when a remote peer joined the room. This event is fired for all existing peers in the room before the Joined event is fired.
PeerLeftOdinPeerLeftEventFired when a remote peer left the room.
PeerUserDataChangedOdinPeerUserDataChangedEventFired when the user data of a remote peer changed.
RoomUserDataChangedOdinRoomUserDataChangedEventFired when the user data of the room changed.