Developer Documentation


We provide easy to use SDKs for Unity and Unreal and the Web. Download and install the SDK and follow one of our guides and you’ll have ODIN integrated in no time.

Please choose your platform to start with implementation:


Use our deep Unity integration to add the most immersive in-game voice chat to your product with minimal development overhead.

Unreal Engine

Our upcoming Unreal Engine plugin will feature full support for all available platforms and come with Blueprint and C++ support.

Web Browser

Our NPM package will feature full real-time communication support for all major web browsers including voice activity dectection.


Integrate OdinKit into your iOS and macOS apps and add real-time voice communication in a couple of minutes and with zero maintenance or operations.


Build AI enhanced human-like chatbots, NPCs and advanced features like automatic content moderation, translation and recording with our NodeJS SDK.

Core API

ODIN native client library is built with Rust. It provides a standard C API that can easily be implemented into any application, framework or platform. For many well-known and well-beloved platforms and game engines we have created customized and easy to use SDKs and Frameworks based on the Core API.