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My blueprint nodes are broken after upgrading to a new Unreal Engine version. What's wrong?

When upgrading to a new version of Unreal Engine, it is crucial to ensure that the Odin plugin is installed before opening your project in the new engine version. Following these steps can prevent the loss of blueprint functionality:

  • Pre-upgrade preparation: Before upgrading to a newer Unreal Engine version, confirm that the Odin plugin is available and supported in the new version.
  • Install before opening: Install the Odin plugin in the new version of Unreal Engine before opening your project. This helps to ensure that all Odin-related blueprints and functionalities remain intact.
  • Delete Intermediate and Binaries folders: To avoid any intermediate files conflicting with newer Engine or Plugin version, delete the Binaries, Build, DerivedDataCache and Intermediate folders in your project directory and the Binaries and Intermediate folders in your [Projectfolder]/Plugins/Odin directory.
  • Do not compile without Odin: Avoid compiling any of your blueprint nodes if the Odin plugin is not installed in the new Unreal Engine version. Compiling without the plugin can lead to irreversible damage to Odin-dependent blueprints.
  • Handling accidental compiles: If you have accidentally compiled one of your blueprints without the Odin plugin, attempt to revert to a previous stable version of your project using your source control system.

Following these guidelines will help you maintain the integrity of your project and avoid potential setbacks when transitioning between Unreal Engine versions with the Odin plugin installed.

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