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LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: [AssetLog] ... Can't find file Error when running a packaged build

If you encounter a warning that says

LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: [AssetLog] PATH_TO_ASSET\.uasset: Failed to load '/Script/Odin': Can't find file.

while running your packaged Unreal Engine build, it typically indicates issues with asset redirectors. To resolve this, follow these steps:

Fixing Asset Redirectors:

  1. Open Unreal Editor: Launch your Unreal Editor and open your project.
  2. Select the Content Folder: In the Content Browser, right-click the root Content folder.
  3. Fix up Redirectors: Choose “Fix up Redirectors” from the context menu. This action helps ensure all references are correctly updated and pointing to the valid assets.

After performing these steps, run your build again to check if the issue is resolved.

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