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How to address build issues with Odin installed in both the Engine and Project

The Odin plugin can be installed either in the Engine’s Marketplace Plugins directory or in your current Unreal Engine Projet directory. Installing the plugin in both the Engine Marketplace Plugins folder and the Project’s Plugins folder can cause conflicts with the UnrealBuildTool. Follow these steps to make sure the plugin is installed correctly and to resolve build issues:

Installation and Troubleshooting:

  1. Close Your Project: Ensure that Unreal Engine is not running and your project is closed.
  2. Clean Temporary Folders: Navigate to your project directory and delete the Binaries, Build, DerivedDataCache, and Intermediate folders.
  3. Remove Redundant Plugin Installations: Ensure that the Odin plugin is only installed in one location. Remove it from the Engine’s Marketplace Plugins folder if it’s already in your Project’s Plugins folder.
  4. Download and Install Plugin: Download the latest release of the Odin plugin for your Unreal Engine version from the Odin SDK Unreal Releases github page. For a clean install, please make sure to first completely remove the old Odin plugin folder. Then extract the downloaded release into your Project’s Plugins folder. The folder hierarchy should look similar to this: ../[ProjectName]/Plugins/Odin/Odin.uplugin
  5. Regenerate Project Files: Right-click your project’s .uproject file, select “Generate Visual Studio project files”, and allow the process to complete.
  6. Open Your Project and Rebuild: Double-click the .uproject file to open your project. If prompted, rebuild the missing modules by clicking ‘Yes’.
  7. Reattempt the Build: Try to build a standalone version of your project again to see if the issue is resolved.

Following these steps will ensure that your plugin installation does not interfere with the UnrealBuildTool and your project builds successfully.

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