Unreal Engine

Do you support Unreal Engine 5?

Yes, we do. Our internal development team uses 4.27 for development, but testing is also done on 5. Everything works in both versions.

Do you have sound occlusion built-in?

Yes, the audio is played via a synth component (see Add Odin Synth Component ) and this integrates natively into the entire Unreal Audio Engine with all the features that come with it.

Are there any dependencies to other plugins?

Yes, ODIN uses capture and playback of the Unreal Engine. So, voice coming into the game is handled is exactly the same as prerecorded audio or sound effects. However, to capture the devices' audio we use the official Unreal Audio Capture plugin provided by Epic Games.

I cannot find the Capture Audio nodes?

If you have any issues finding nodes in Blueprint, make sure this plugin is enabled. In the Unreal Editor open Plugins (Menu -> Edit -> Plugins) and make sure that in the Audio Section the Audio Capture plugin is activated like shown in this screenshot:

Enabling the Audio Capture Plugin

Enabling the Audio Capture Plugin