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Why should I choose ODIN and not the competition?

We provide an affordable and feature-rich solution for any platform you’ll ever need. Our dedicated development team has years of experience developing communication software for gamers, and we’ll help you tailor exactly the immersive in-game experience that your players want.

ODIN has been built from scratch by industry leading voice engineers with your privacy and security in mind. In addition, ODIN provides the following key features:

  • Ultra-low latency and extremely low resource usage
  • Best-in-class voice quality with noise suppression
  • Built-in data protection and fully GDPR compliant
  • Support for thousands of concurrent users chatting at the same time with native 3D spatial audio support
  • Deep Unity and Unreal Engine integration
  • Zero maintenance and operations for clients but support for self-hosting if they want to (for sensitive areas)

This table should give you an overview how ODIN compares to other solutions.

Hosting & Pricing
Cloud hosting
Self hosting
Traffic included
Users per room
Platform & Engine Integration
Deep Unity Integration
Deep Unreal Engine Integration
Unreal Engine 5 support
Web Support
Swift SDK
Core Communication Features
Native Spatial Audio
Latest technology
Multi-room support
Intrinsic data protection
Real-time data synchronization

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