We compiled a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about 4Players ODIN.

How long does it take to integrate ODIN?

The actual integration time will vary based on the feature set you want to utilize, but we’ve had some initial feedback from our early bird partners, who had the first implementation running in less than one hour.

Which development platforms are supported and how can I use this?

ODIN is shipped as a set of pre-compiled binaries as well as C-style header files and documentation, which makes it easy to use in any development project on any platform. We also provide packages with ready-to-use examples for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Which target platforms and architectures are supported?

We ship native dynamic libraries and/or frameworks for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. Additionally, full native support for current and next-gen gaming consoles is planned for early 2022.

Does this affect the performance of my game?

No. ODIN is highly optimized and we made sure, that you can allocate all the resources you need to your game.

Why should I choose ODIN and not the competition?

We provide an affordable and feature-rich solution for any platform you’ll ever need. Our dedicated development team has years of experience developing communication software for gamers and we’ll help you tailor exactly the immersive in-game experience that your players want.