Multiplayer Playroom

David Liebemann, CEO and programmer at CrystalMesh UG created a sample game with Unity, Photon PUN and Unity that showcases all features of ODIN in a simple example.

If you want to see it in action, we provide binary releases to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download it, run it and give it a try:

Grab the latest release

These ODIN features have been implemented in this sample:

  • 3D positional audio with environment interaction
  • Integration of ODIN into a multiplayer framework (in this case Photon PUN)
  • Usage of audio effects

The project is open source and can be found in our Github repository. If you want to get started with ODIN, give it a try as it contains a lot of useful scripts that you can use in your own game (MIT License).

Screenshot from the sample project

Screenshot from the sample project

User manual

After launching the demo you’ll see the lobby screen. Enter a name and press the Join button. You’ll see a cylinder character that you can navigate around using these keys:

WMove forward
SMove backward
AStrafe left
DStrafe right
QRotate left
ERotate right
1Toggle between first person and third person view
CKeep pressed to talk in 3D space
VKeep pressed to talk via radio