Explore our examples section and discover the possibility of what you can build.

Available Examples

Unreal Sample Project

A simple integration of ODIN into an Unreal Engine project. Copy & Paste the blueprints into your own project to get started quickly!

Multiplayer Playroom

Download and test our PUN based multiplayer playroom sample built with Unity. We provide all the source-code in our Github repository. The sample also features many scripts for audio effects like damping and general bookkeeping stuff.

Multiplatform Neighborhood Showcase

In this sample game, you run around a nice looking neighborhood and can talk to other players with 3D positional voice and a walkie-talkie in multiple channels. We also feature a web-based commander that you can use to interact with players directly from your browser.

First Person Shooter

A simple but fun old style FPS shooter on desert style maps. ODIN 3D positional voice is integrated so that you can talk to other players with voice or radio broadcast. Have fun!

Token Server

ODIN features a simple but powerful token system for permission handling. There is no need for complex authentication system. ODINs token system can be integrated into existing authentication systems with ease. This sample shows how this is done and how to issue tokens for authentication.

SwiftUI Sample

A simple but fully functional SwiftUI sample that leverages OdinKit to build an iOS app that allows you to chat with friends in no time.

Minimal Console Client

Learn how to build a simple C command line client that you can use for testing and advanced features on Windows, Linux and macOS. We provide a full example in our Github repository and share the code with you.