Developer Documentation

AI Training documents

These are AI training documents for the Unity Experts using in the ODIN AI Assistant. These documents are used to train OpenAIs Assistants.

Each expert has their own set of files, which are used to train the AI.

In addition to the SDK specific files, please always include the general documentation (ODIN Introduction) which contains general information about ODIN and 4Players.

General Information

These documents contain general information about ODIN and 4Players. It also contains information about pricing.

Please always include above documents to each assistant, so that every assistant knows the basics about 4Players and ODIN.


Each SDK has its own assistant, a so called expert. Each expert is trained with a specific set of files. You’ll find these files in the corresponding folders

How to generate documents

Use this command to build the documents:

npm run build:ai

This is a special Hugo environment that is used to build the documents. It always generates absolute URLs into the production documentation website so that deep links always work when learned by the AI.

Then please proceed into the public/odin/ai-training folder. Here you’ll find the HTML documents for general and expert knowledge. Use the HTML files to train the AI.