SCILL Play announces a partnership with the Erlangen-based indie team Clockwork Origins to include the Endless Runner Tri6: Infinite as an officially supported title in all its SCILL Play apps. Immediately with today‘s launch on Steam, gamers can look forward to new curated challenges and rewards created in direct collaboration with the development team. WIth SCILL Play the hunt through cyberspace, where players will attempt to face the ever-changing racing conditions in the battle against time not only solo but also with up to four players split-screen, will receive an additional level of motivation.

“We are a big fan of the German indie scene, which still receives too little attention,” says Marc Berekoven, Project Manager SCILL Play and Head of Business Development 4Players. “For SCILL Play, the partnership with Clockwork Origins is not just another way to give smaller teams the chance to offer features such as Battle Passes or community content that they would otherwise only be able to manage with great difficulty or a high level of personnel effort. With the integration we are also showing that SCILL can not only be used for classic multiplayer titles or genres, but that it also adds value to games across genre boundaries. No matter if blockbuster or indie project, if solo, PvE or PvP, no matter if strategy, jump & run, role-playing or an interesting end-less runner with splitscreen option: SCILL Play can be integrated with minimal effort and gives development teams regardless of their size intuitive tools to offer gamers new challenges and expand the community.

Sebastian Frenzel, one of the founders of Clockwork Origins, adds: “Tri6: Infinite is one of those games that are quick to learn and difficult to master. SCILL’s concept is ideal for offering players additional challenges in Tri6: Infinite that put their skills to the test and prepare them for immediate competition in the leaderboards. We are therefore pleased to release the game with full SCILL integration on July 17th.“

The full press release can be downloaded in the press section.