Cast off, full steam ahead and fire away: 4Players’ innovative engagement platform supports World of Warships from Wargaming

Hamburg, Germany – 27.04.2020 – 4Players GmbH announces its co-operation with Wargaming, one of the market leaders for free-to-play MMOs, to support the dynamic battles of World of Warships with the challenge and engagement app SCILL Play. Starting in May, fans of the popular naval battles can look forward to new custom challenges for all experience levels as well as exclusive rewards. The exact date will be announced shortly.

„Our main value lies in our community. Our players continue to play World of Warships and enjoy rich content and new features we’re preparing on a regular basis. Therefore, we are happy to partner with SCILL Play and offer our players even more reasons to log in and play their favorite game by keeping them engaged with other players and awarding their achievements.”, said Rajeev Girdhar, Regional Publishing Director for World of Warships.

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development at 4Players GmbH and Project Manager SCILL Play, adds: “We are thrilled that we found another partner for our SCILL platform in Wargaming. With SCILL Play we can continuously offer new challenges to the enthusiastic players, which perfectly complement the already existing features in World of Warships. By working closely with the developers to create the challenges and exclusive rewards, we can ensure that the high quality of World of Warships is carried forward into SCILL Play challenges, that are easy to create with minimal development effort.“

SCILL Play is an app for mobile devices and browser that allows players to set individual ability-based goals and accept solo or group challenges. Every gamer, whether beginner or professional, can find new tasks regardless of the developer’s specifications and can, for example, collect rewards even in the event of defeat, which then can be redeemed in SCILL Play’s internal shop. With SCILL Battle Passes (coming soon), players will face a series of challenges and can unlock further exclusive content and rewards.

With fresh and constantly updated challenges, a cross-game experience point/ranking system, alliance and guild tools, as well as special rewards that may only be available temporarily or in individual games, SCILL Play encourages gamers to engage even more deeply with their favorite games.

For more information about SCILL Play, please visit the official website: