Computec Media Group releases 4Players GmbH into the newly founded 4Players AG based in Switzerland. The Hamburg-based gaming service provider will thus become a wholly owned subsidiary of Marquard Media Group, who, together with Group CEO Bijan Khezri will act as the main shareholders of 4Players AG.

All brands of 4Players GmbH, such as the internationally active server hosting 4Netplayers, the challenge and community platform SCILL Play or the renowned magazine, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, as well as numerous innovation projects still in development in the gaming and community sectors, will remain fully intact and will be intensified under the new owner.

With the new shareholders, the attached increased financial security and the resulting optimized ability to act, 4Players is taking the next step to taking a lead role in the continuously growing gaming industry on its chosen path as an expanding 360-degree service provider.  

Phillip Schuster, CEO and co-founder 4Players, comments: „I am very excited that the company founded 20 years ago by a group of passionate gamers is now empowered to independently grow after it benefited for ten years of freenet AG‘s guiding ownership and for the past ten years from Computec Media’s ambitious drive for expansion. For the 20th anniversary, we could not have imagined a better gift and directing signal for the future but to establish 4Players AG. Together with Marquard Media we are determined to continue the transformative path that started in 2017 and pursue the objective to firmly establish 4Players as a global leader for innovative solutions dedicated to gamers as well as the gaming industry. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees and partners that have shaped the past and continue shaping our future. I look forward to 4Players future success.“

Bijan Khezri, Group CEO and co-owner Marquard Media Group (MMG), adds: „4Players has been at the heart of the digital transformation that we introduced at MMG three years ago. MMG consists of six independent companies that have all followed three core principles in their pursuit of digital transformation: (1) our past legacy is not a contradiction but empowers the foundation for reinvention and future growth; (2) innovation is bottom-up and not top-down inspired; and (3) an integrated Group Management Board ensures that all potential resources within the Group as well as our ecosystems are optimally deployed to leverage Group synergies. 4Players and Phillip Schuster personally have played a prominent role in this process. The foundation of 4Players AG empowers growth beyond the limitations of Marquard Media Group.“

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