4Players GmbH announces that their community and challenge platform SCILL Play now fully supports the naval combat spectacle World of Warships from Wargaming. This means that the tens of thousands of players who duel in explosive battles with historical warships every day can look forward to a continuous stream of fresh challenges and rewards created in direct cooperation with Wargaming.

To take on the new challenges, all the players need to do is link their Wargaming account to the free SCILL Play app, which is available as a web version as well as for iOS and Android systems – after successful verification they will be able to take on further personal challenges in World of Warships based on the familiar game mechanics. Successfully completed challenges are rewarded with SCILL Coins, which can be exchanged for Premium Days and Flag Packs, among other things.

In addition, they can be part of an active cross-game community, easily connect with other gamers from around the world, form alliances and use the video (coming soon), text or voice chat features that are part of the SCILL Play app.

Marc Berekoven, Project Manager SCILL Play and Head of Business Development 4Players: “The World of Warships community is one of the most loyal and quality-conscious of all. We gladly accept the task of adding another challenge layer to the content continuously provided by Wargaming in order to tie gamers even more closely to the game. With a continuous supply of new high-quality tasks for fleet captains of all skill levels, SCILL Play ensures that the exciting naval battles are given an additional level of motivation. We look forward to welcoming World of Warships players to SCILL Play!”

As part of the support within SCILL Play, World of Warships will become an integral part of the regular SCILL Play Community Clash events and the recently launched SCILL Play Cup Series of solo and clan tournaments.

The full press release can be downloaded in the press section.