Hamburg, Germany, 25.03.2020 – “Social Distancing” is the motto of the hour. With the current Covid 19 crisis, the call to limit physical contact to one’s own household, to keep distance to others and therefore also to restrict outdoor activities is as necessary as it is not a natural behaviour for people. Every single person is challenged and 4Players GmbH would like to do their part with their hosting service 4Netplayers and tries to help reduce the social distance, at least virtually.

Therefore, 4Netplayers is giving away as many free TeamSpeak servers as are needed to keep in touch with family members, talk to work colleagues from home office to home office or communicate with friends during an online game – all free-of-charge. With five slots per server, a simple setup and a runtime of three months, this giveaway operation ensures that the social distance required in this time of crisis is not synonymous with isolation.

Oliver Paul, Project Manager 4Netplayers: “Connecting people online is our mission. Therefore 4Players wants to help all those affected with what we have available. If we succeed in reducing the currently required physical distance between friends, colleagues or families even a little bit with the TeamSpeak servers, which are free of charge for three months, a step will be taken to overcome this crisis together.

At the same time, we would like to thank all those people who are fighting against the virus on the front line in social services such as doctors, nurses and carers. Those who are currently sitting at the supermarket checkout, restocking the shelves or transporting the goods and keeping the shop running. All those who make sure that our everyday life does not collapse completely. But also to all the people who do their part by staying at home as much as possible – even if it’s hard”.


#4PlayersConnects details:


  • 5-Slot TeamSpeak-Server
  • runtime: 3 Monate
  • your own Hostname (DNS)
  • free-of-charge


The complimentary 5-slot three-month TeamSpeak-Server can be ordered here:

Further information about 4Netplayers you’ll find on the official website:


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