It is hard to believe: 4Players just celebrated its 20th anniversary!

A lot happened since its inception in 2000 by four enthusiastic gamers and programmers. We accompanied and shaped gaming on its way into the middle of society. Always at the pulse of time. Across five hardware generations and 15 console launches.

From day 1 we focused on digital content, while most print publishing houses frowned upon us and smiled at us, the naive idealists. is one of the longest running and internationally renowned online magazines for computer and video games in the GSA area.

We acknowledged early that the need for gaming services doesn’t end with the purchase of the game. 4Players was one of the first companies in Germany and Europe that offered game and communication servers. Exclusive partnerships with, among others, Electronic Arts (Battlefield franchise), Activision (Call of Duty 4) or TeamSpeak (official server partner) prove, that 4Players has found its place in the gaming cosmos with its growth potential.

The market is constantly changing. We are changing with it. And we are a relevant influence on it. No matter what the gaming needs are – 4Players has a solution. For gamers, who relish honest opinions. For publishers for whom only the most reliable servers are good enough. For developers, who are banking on innovative community-, retention- or monetization-tools.

The future is in flow, and we will make an important contribution. 20 years of experience, boisterous enthusiasm and creativity are the foundation, on which we will reach our ambitious goals together with the Marquard Group. We will not only accompany, we will shape: How games are developed and how they are consumed. Because we are gaming.

Once again we are pioneers: Our „Gamification as a Service“ project SCILL offers unequalled opportunities. Students will have fun whilst learning. Our products will see to it that we as a society will move more and eat healthier. Games will offer more fun with our solutions. We have a prosperous future ahead of us and couldn’t imagine a better home than the Marquard Group.

Phillip Schuster
CEO 4Players GmbH