4Netplayers, the hosting service of 4Players GmbH, and the Erlangen development studio Boxelware have agreed on a partnership for the space sandbox game Avorion. As part of this collaboration, 4Netplayers will provide the official game servers for the space adventure as an exclusive partner. Since its release on Steam at the beginning of March, the game has generated more than 6200 overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Oliver Paul, Project Manager 4Netplayers: “The partnership with Boxelware is a further step for us to consolidate our status as one of the largest European server providers and to expand our business internationally with additional locations in the USA.
We are confident that with our powerful data centers, our years of experience in the server business and our technical expertise, we can help to effectively support Avorion’s online gaming experience. We will ensure that Boxelware’s game vision reaches the gamer without compromise and without lag”.

Felix Schieber, Game Designer of Avorion, adds: “4Netplayers is a very competent partner. The server capacity is worth its weight in gold for us and the advice on efficient usage is also very valuable to us. In addition, it is very advantageous for our community to be able to host their own servers easily at the push of a button”.

The full press release can be downloaded in the press section.