4Players GmbH announces the launch of its SCILL: Gamification as a Service (Gaas) platform, a free toolset based on features of the well proven engagement and community app SCILL Play.

With GaaS developers can look forward to powerful tools to generate new challenges in their games or apps with minimal effort, integrate monetization options like battle passes with ease or add various layers of retention. Whatever the project, e.g. web or mobile apps, intranets or games of any genre: With the innovative SCILL self-service platform, gamification elements can be integrated seamlessly into existing or coming projects with minimum investment and regardless of what engine or development environment is used. Existing user accounts or payment systems can be connected so users don’t have to leave the ecosystem they are in, while sensitive data is safely stored on the provider’s servers, naturally.

The toolset is flexible, scalable and available in multiple price ranges including a fully functional cost-free option.  During development the focus was developers’ needs, as shown in the comprehensive, clearly arranged documentation or the intuitive UI in the admin panel. Not only here 4Players‘ experience of more than 20 years as a provider of ‚software as a service‘ is evident.

„We are very proud and excited to launch SCILL Gamification as a Service today“, says Phillip Schuster, CEO 4Players GmbH. „Our experience with SCILL Play has shown that we can reduce the required development time for adding user challenges, achievements and fully-fledged Battles Passes significantly. Our new toolset empowers game developers and publishers to leverage the power of our technology directly in their game, app or website. We can’t wait to see the first challenges go live soon and will continue to add more features like tournaments to SCILL GaaS.“

More information on SCILL Gamification as a Service can be found on the official website:

You can also find the full press release in the press section.