Developer Documentation

Getting Started with Unity Piece

4Players ODIN supports Unity 2019.4 or any later version. The latest version is always available in our Github repository or in the Unity Asset Store.

There are numerous ways to install ODIN into your project. We recommend using Package Manager.

Install via Asset Store


4Players ODIN package has been in the asset store for many months and has been updated every week and passed the approval process numerous times. But suddenly Unity pulled our package from the asset store claiming that we have to be part of their Verified Partner Solutions program. We are in the process to get that resolved, but in the meantime you need to install ODIN using the Package Manager manually. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our support if you have any issues with the installation.

Install via Unity Package

Please download the latest version of the ODIN Unity SDK as a .unitypackage from the [Github releases page] ( Just double-click the .unitypackage to import it into your current Unity editor project.

Package Manager

Using the Package Manager will ensure that all dependencies are set up correctly and that you will have the most up to date version of the SDK. In most cases, using the Package Manager is the way to go.

To open the Package Manager, navigate to Window and then click Package Manager in your Unity Editor menu bar.

Using our Git Repository

Click the + button in the upper left and select Add package from git URL. Next, enter this URL and hit enter to import the package:

Using a Tarball Archive

Click the + button in the upper left and select Add package from tarball. Next, select the odin.tgz archive you’ve downloaded from the Github releases page to import the package.