Our mission

Empower social experiences. Enable developers and community builders to create social connections between stakeholders by leveraging real-time software solutions, customizable and embeddable on all devices everywhere anytime

Leveraging 20 years of gaming expertise

4Players has been propelling and co-shaping the evolution of gaming for more than 20 years, today the team create metaverse-ready, cross-platform, safe and interactive experiences with voice chat tools, 3D spatial audio and a global server network. Size really doesn’t matter: its services fit all demands and budgets, providing cutting-edge services for game developers looking to bring their products into the new era of gaming.

On a mission to create an immersive gaming experience, the 4Players team has ensured its products are the go-to for this generation. Tailored to both developers and consumers, 4Players’ wealth of products offers tools for anyone looking to level up their gaming and communication experience. From development audio tools and free game server hosting for developers, to voice chat and game server hosting for players, 4Players provides a next-generation experience for all.

4Players is the future of immersive audio in multiplayer games, designed by seasoned professionals with a thorough understanding of how games should interact with players. Offering an SDK that is seamless and easy to use for developers, 4Players is a true pioneer of next-generation gaming, and it’s only a few clicks away.

Powered by our global network

Leverage our global server network, optimized for real-time traffic: built on the back of more than 20 years of experience with hosting game and voice servers for gamers and the industry.

Low latency

Real-time experiences require extremely low latency and reliability. We are serving the industry with game- and voice-servers for more than 20 years.

Traffic included

Traffic is one of those things that is hard to estimate and harder to optimize. Don’t worry about your next invoice as in all our services, traffic is included.


Our global network relies on our own, proprietary server orchestration tools that allows scaling servers in real-time even with different port configurations and UDP traffic.