Indie Campus – Cologne: Successful conference debut

Indie Campus – Cologne: Successful conference debut

4Players and Indie Hub are very satisfied with the premiere of the indie event and are already planning the next edition

The first Indie Campus, organized by Indie Hub and 4Players in close cooperation with KölnBusiness and Atypic Labs from Québec, was a complete success. On September 14 and 15, 2021, more than 30 speakers joined the online event, making themselves available for talks and roundtable discussions to a very inquisitive audience.

The speakers, including best-selling author, Emmy® winner, and developer Don Daglow (a.o. Neverwinter Nights, Stronghold, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers), Dominik Lauf (CPO, Magenta Gaming), Seren Besorak (Co-Founder & CEO, TriTrie Games), Tomas Sala (The Falconeer) or Kai Schober (Community Manager, Bethesda) gave the audience not only open insights into their wealth of experience, but also many suggestions on the areas of retention and monetization in games. From blockchain usage in games to the necessity of a publisher, hints on how to go from 0 to almost 1,000,000 followers, the importance of community management as well as valuable design advice up to a wrap-up of TriTrie Games’ thematically challenging ‘Jessika’, a wide range of topics were covered and enjoyed throughout.

Next Indie Campus in 2022

Given the positive feedback during and after the event, Indie Hub and 4Players have agreed to extend their collaboration in the future. The next Indie Campus is already being planned and is expected to take place in spring 2022. In addition, other events tailored specifically to the needs of indie developers will take place at irregular intervals, the details of which will be announced at a later date.

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development 4Players: “On behalf of 4Players, we would like to thank everyone who helped making the first Indie Campus a success. Together with Indie Hub, dedicated volunteers, KölnBusiness and the international support of Atypic Labs, we were able to present great speakers with interesting topics over two jam-packed days. The indie developer scene has grown a little closer through the Indie Campus, not only on a national, but also on an international level. We hope that the more than 1,000 spectators were able to take away numerous suggestions and ideas from the talks as well as roundtable discussions. We are already looking forward to the next edition.

Stefan Schmidt, Co-Founder of Indie Hub, adds: “We couldn’t be happier that Indie Campus – Cologne was such a great success! Our special thanks go especially to my team and KölnBusiness, who have supported and encouraged us since the very first minute. And even though the theme of the next Indie Campus is yet to be announced, we can already say that we will shed light on other important topics for indie teams around the world. But until then, we will of course continue to offer a monthly roundtable and the Indie Game Fest in November.

Indie Campus – Cologe @ Atypic Labs Agora platform
4Players GmbH discontinues editorial support of its online magazine in autumn

4Players GmbH discontinues editorial support of its online magazine in autumn

4Players will be focusing on its core-businesses like software-solutions and worldwide server hosting, thus completing the multi-year transformation process “EMPOWERING GAME EXPERIENCES” from a digital media company to a provider of high-tech solutions for the gaming industry

Hamburg, Germany, August 23, 2021 – 4Players GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss 4Players AG and part of the Marquard Media Group AG, consolidates more than 20 years of innovation in the German-speaking gaming industry.

The origin was shaped by the market leadership of the portal in the GSA region and has been complemented by the leading game server business 4Netplayers in 2001. Starting in 2017, the strategic focus was set on internationalization of the game server business as well as the development of innovative software solutions for game developers.

Since 2021, this strategy has been consistently expanded with the advancing internationalization and the completed shift away from the media business. Today, 4Players GmbH positions itself as a reliable B2B2C partner with a worldwide CDN as well as high-tech software solutions.

As of October 31, 2021, the editorial support of the online magazine will be discontinued. It is ensured that high-quality content will continue to be published until the aforementioned deadline.

The new era of 4Players GmbH is fully focused on the globally operating game server business 4Netplayers as well as advanced software solutions for game developers such as the communication software ODIN or the multiplayer toolset SCILL.

4Players offers an attractive range of high-tech development modules that can be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing applications and new projects. This allows game developers to save development resources and engage players in ever more social and interactive games.

Bijan Khezri, Group CEO and co-owner of Marquard Media Group AG, comments: “The business combination of game server infrastructure and software solutions for game developers allows us to take a leading position in the fast growing service market for game development in the future. This marks the completion of an important milestone of the transformation we started in 2017. Our focus now is growth.“

Press contact:

Mathias Oertel  
Head of Communications & PR   
4Players GmbH | Marquard Group  
Deelbögenkamp 4c  
D-22297 Hamburg  
Tel.: + 49 40 607 742 623  
Mobile: +49 170 400 4840  

4Players – We Are Gaming

4Players – We Are Gaming

It is hard to believe: 4Players just celebrated its 20th anniversary!

A lot happened since its inception in 2000 by four enthusiastic gamers and programmers. We accompanied and shaped gaming on its way into the middle of society. Always at the pulse of time. Across five hardware generations and 15 console launches.

From day 1 we focused on digital content, while most print publishing houses frowned upon us and smiled at us, the naive idealists. is one of the longest running and internationally renowned online magazines for computer and video games in the GSA area.

We acknowledged early that the need for gaming services doesn’t end with the purchase of the game. 4Players was one of the first companies in Germany and Europe that offered game and communication servers. Exclusive partnerships with, among others, Electronic Arts (Battlefield franchise), Activision (Call of Duty 4) or TeamSpeak (official server partner) prove, that 4Players has found its place in the gaming cosmos with its growth potential.

The market is constantly changing. We are changing with it. And we are a relevant influence on it. No matter what the gaming needs are – 4Players has a solution. For gamers, who relish honest opinions. For publishers for whom only the most reliable servers are good enough. For developers, who are banking on innovative community-, retention- or monetization-tools.

The future is in flow, and we will make an important contribution. 20 years of experience, boisterous enthusiasm and creativity are the foundation, on which we will reach our ambitious goals together with the Marquard Group. We will not only accompany, we will shape: How games are developed and how they are consumed. Because we are gaming.

Once again we are pioneers: Our „Gamification as a Service“ project SCILL offers unequalled opportunities. Students will have fun whilst learning. Our products will see to it that we as a society will move more and eat healthier. Games will offer more fun with our solutions. We have a prosperous future ahead of us and couldn’t imagine a better home than the Marquard Group.

Phillip Schuster
CEO 4Players GmbH

4Players launches Gamification as a Service platform

4Players launches Gamification as a Service platform

4Players GmbH announces the launch of its SCILL: Gamification as a Service (Gaas) platform, a free toolset based on features of the well proven engagement and community app SCILL Play.

With GaaS developers can look forward to powerful tools to generate new challenges in their games or apps with minimal effort, integrate monetization options like battle passes with ease or add various layers of retention. Whatever the project, e.g. web or mobile apps, intranets or games of any genre: With the innovative SCILL self-service platform, gamification elements can be integrated seamlessly into existing or coming projects with minimum investment and regardless of what engine or development environment is used. Existing user accounts or payment systems can be connected so users don’t have to leave the ecosystem they are in, while sensitive data is safely stored on the provider’s servers, naturally.

The toolset is flexible, scalable and available in multiple price ranges including a fully functional cost-free option.  During development the focus was developers’ needs, as shown in the comprehensive, clearly arranged documentation or the intuitive UI in the admin panel. Not only here 4Players‘ experience of more than 20 years as a provider of ‚software as a service‘ is evident.

„We are very proud and excited to launch SCILL Gamification as a Service today“, says Phillip Schuster, CEO 4Players GmbH. „Our experience with SCILL Play has shown that we can reduce the required development time for adding user challenges, achievements and fully-fledged Battles Passes significantly. Our new toolset empowers game developers and publishers to leverage the power of our technology directly in their game, app or website. We can’t wait to see the first challenges go live soon and will continue to add more features like tournaments to SCILL GaaS.“

More information on SCILL Gamification as a Service can be found on the official website:

You can also find the full press release in the press section.

Fire at will: New challenges available for World of Warships

Fire at will: New challenges available for World of Warships

4Players GmbH announces that their community and challenge platform SCILL Play now fully supports the naval combat spectacle World of Warships from Wargaming. This means that the tens of thousands of players who duel in explosive battles with historical warships every day can look forward to a continuous stream of fresh challenges and rewards created in direct cooperation with Wargaming.

To take on the new challenges, all the players need to do is link their Wargaming account to the free SCILL Play app, which is available as a web version as well as for iOS and Android systems – after successful verification they will be able to take on further personal challenges in World of Warships based on the familiar game mechanics. Successfully completed challenges are rewarded with SCILL Coins, which can be exchanged for Premium Days and Flag Packs, among other things.

In addition, they can be part of an active cross-game community, easily connect with other gamers from around the world, form alliances and use the video (coming soon), text or voice chat features that are part of the SCILL Play app.

Marc Berekoven, Project Manager SCILL Play and Head of Business Development 4Players: “The World of Warships community is one of the most loyal and quality-conscious of all. We gladly accept the task of adding another challenge layer to the content continuously provided by Wargaming in order to tie gamers even more closely to the game. With a continuous supply of new high-quality tasks for fleet captains of all skill levels, SCILL Play ensures that the exciting naval battles are given an additional level of motivation. We look forward to welcoming World of Warships players to SCILL Play!”

As part of the support within SCILL Play, World of Warships will become an integral part of the regular SCILL Play Community Clash events and the recently launched SCILL Play Cup Series of solo and clan tournaments.

The full press release can be downloaded in the press section.

4Players partners with Boxelware

4Players partners with Boxelware

4Netplayers, the hosting service of 4Players GmbH, and the Erlangen development studio Boxelware have agreed on a partnership for the space sandbox game Avorion. As part of this collaboration, 4Netplayers will provide the official game servers for the space adventure as an exclusive partner. Since its release on Steam at the beginning of March, the game has generated more than 6200 overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Oliver Paul, Project Manager 4Netplayers: “The partnership with Boxelware is a further step for us to consolidate our status as one of the largest European server providers and to expand our business internationally with additional locations in the USA.
We are confident that with our powerful data centers, our years of experience in the server business and our technical expertise, we can help to effectively support Avorion’s online gaming experience. We will ensure that Boxelware’s game vision reaches the gamer without compromise and without lag”.

Felix Schieber, Game Designer of Avorion, adds: “4Netplayers is a very competent partner. The server capacity is worth its weight in gold for us and the advice on efficient usage is also very valuable to us. In addition, it is very advantageous for our community to be able to host their own servers easily at the push of a button”.

The full press release can be downloaded in the press section.