SCILL Play co-operates with Wargaming

SCILL Play co-operates with Wargaming

Cast off, full steam ahead and fire away: 4Players’ innovative engagement platform supports World of Warships from Wargaming

Hamburg, Germany – 27.04.2020 – 4Players GmbH announces its co-operation with Wargaming, one of the market leaders for free-to-play MMOs, to support the dynamic battles of World of Warships with the challenge and engagement app SCILL Play. Starting in May, fans of the popular naval battles can look forward to new custom challenges for all experience levels as well as exclusive rewards. The exact date will be announced shortly.

„Our main value lies in our community. Our players continue to play World of Warships and enjoy rich content and new features we’re preparing on a regular basis. Therefore, we are happy to partner with SCILL Play and offer our players even more reasons to log in and play their favorite game by keeping them engaged with other players and awarding their achievements.”, said Rajeev Girdhar, Regional Publishing Director for World of Warships.

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development at 4Players GmbH and Project Manager SCILL Play, adds: “We are thrilled that we found another partner for our SCILL platform in Wargaming. With SCILL Play we can continuously offer new challenges to the enthusiastic players, which perfectly complement the already existing features in World of Warships. By working closely with the developers to create the challenges and exclusive rewards, we can ensure that the high quality of World of Warships is carried forward into SCILL Play challenges, that are easy to create with minimal development effort.“

SCILL Play is an app for mobile devices and browser that allows players to set individual ability-based goals and accept solo or group challenges. Every gamer, whether beginner or professional, can find new tasks regardless of the developer’s specifications and can, for example, collect rewards even in the event of defeat, which then can be redeemed in SCILL Play’s internal shop. With SCILL Battle Passes (coming soon), players will face a series of challenges and can unlock further exclusive content and rewards.

With fresh and constantly updated challenges, a cross-game experience point/ranking system, alliance and guild tools, as well as special rewards that may only be available temporarily or in individual games, SCILL Play encourages gamers to engage even more deeply with their favorite games.

For more information about SCILL Play, please visit the official website:



“SCILL Tree” promo campaign for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

“SCILL Tree” promo campaign for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. What began in 1970 to accompany groundbreaking conservation laws in the USA has become an important institution half a century later. Not only when it comes to pointing out dangers that threaten the planet, but also to offersolutions or alternatives. For example, the Paris Climate Accord was signed on Earth Day 2016.

SCILL Play, the challenge app from 4Players, would like to support Earth Day in the long term with the campaign “SCILL Tree”: Starting today, the app offers vouchers in the store, which can be used to exchange your SCILL Coins for a tree planted in the name of the gamer and 4Players. Alternatively, you can also opt for a bundle of ten, which is a whopping 25% cheaper than the individual vouchers. SCILL and all its players will support the Trillion Tree Campaign of the organization Plant for the Planet.

Our goal is to have planted 5000 trees by the end of the year – help us to reach the target, thank you!


#4PlayersConnects: 4Players bridges “Social Distancing” with complimentary TeamSpeak-servers

#4PlayersConnects: 4Players bridges “Social Distancing” with complimentary TeamSpeak-servers

Hamburg, Germany, 25.03.2020 – “Social Distancing” is the motto of the hour. With the current Covid 19 crisis, the call to limit physical contact to one’s own household, to keep distance to others and therefore also to restrict outdoor activities is as necessary as it is not a natural behaviour for people. Every single person is challenged and 4Players GmbH would like to do their part with their hosting service 4Netplayers and tries to help reduce the social distance, at least virtually.

Therefore, 4Netplayers is giving away as many free TeamSpeak servers as are needed to keep in touch with family members, talk to work colleagues from home office to home office or communicate with friends during an online game – all free-of-charge. With five slots per server, a simple setup and a runtime of three months, this giveaway operation ensures that the social distance required in this time of crisis is not synonymous with isolation.

Oliver Paul, Project Manager 4Netplayers: “Connecting people online is our mission. Therefore 4Players wants to help all those affected with what we have available. If we succeed in reducing the currently required physical distance between friends, colleagues or families even a little bit with the TeamSpeak servers, which are free of charge for three months, a step will be taken to overcome this crisis together.

At the same time, we would like to thank all those people who are fighting against the virus on the front line in social services such as doctors, nurses and carers. Those who are currently sitting at the supermarket checkout, restocking the shelves or transporting the goods and keeping the shop running. All those who make sure that our everyday life does not collapse completely. But also to all the people who do their part by staying at home as much as possible – even if it’s hard”.


#4PlayersConnects details:


  • 5-Slot TeamSpeak-Server
  • runtime: 3 Monate
  • your own Hostname (DNS)
  • free-of-charge


The complimentary 5-slot three-month TeamSpeak-Server can be ordered here:

Further information about 4Netplayers you’ll find on the official website:


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SCILL Play launches first set of challenges for indie hit Rise of Legions

SCILL Play launches first set of challenges for indie hit Rise of Legions

We are proud to announce that its innovative engagement platform SCILL Play successfully left beta status. Effective immediately SCILL Play in its release version 1.0 will enhance all supported games with new challenges and special rewards.

The newest title to invite gamers to face personal challenges, redeem exclusive rewards as well as interact with the vivid community in SCILL Play is the indie hit Rise of Legions from the German developer Broken Games, which received more than 1.000 positive reviews on Steam since its launch  in September 2019. For successful completion of the beginner’s challenge pack, gamers can pick up exclusive profile icons or three days of premium access to Rise of Legions as rewards, among other things.

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development 4Players and Project Manager for SCILL Play: „We are delighted, that Broken Games decided to join SCILL Play. We are convinced, that we will be able to enhance the experience of Rise of Legions‘ lively as well as committed community with the new challenges we are able to provide, while the core team at Broken Games can take care of new content and optimizing the game. For the creation of challenges and the exclusive rewards we closely work together with the developers, thus making sure that we offer the high quality one associates with Rise of Legions and SCILL Play.“

Martin Lange, Managing Director Broken Games, adds: „SCILL Play fills an important gap in Rise of Legions‘ feature set. We get the opportunity to add elements like achievements, leaderboards or long-term challenges and tasks in an extremely time-efficient way – features that we‘d have to implement with our small team with a huge expenditure of time only.“

With SCILL Play’s version 1.0 a revamped website as well as a modern web application were also launched. Together with the already released mobile apps für Android and iOS it will be the easy-to-navigate central contact point for all users.

Mathias Oertel is the new Head of Communications & PR at 4Players GmbH

Mathias Oertel is the new Head of Communications & PR at 4Players GmbH

Hamburg, September 11th, 2019 – 4Players GmbH is expanding its management team: After almost 19 years in the editorial team of the renowned online magazine, most recently in the position of portal manager for nearly 15 years, Mathias Oertel will be appointed  Head of Communications and PR at 4Players GmbH effective immediately.

CEO Phillip Schuster is delighted: “We are pleased that we have found an internal solution for this position with Mathias. He knows the structures of 4Players, has established himself as a creative writer in the editorial department, and in his career at 4Players to date has acquired extensive knowledge of the games industry. We are confident that he can combine all of this in his new position and thus efficiently help to accompany the further development of 4Players as a comprehensive service provider in the gaming industry.”

Born in Schleswig, he joined the editorial team at the beginning of 2001, only a few months after 4Players was founded, and from 2005 formed the double head of the online magazine together with editor-in-chief Jörg Luibl. “The design and development of the portal was a passionate project in many respects,” says Mathias Oertel. “But aside from the magazine or the server provider 4Players is in the middle of an exciting growth phase with numerous project developments. I’m looking forward to the tasks ahead”.

For further information or in case of questions please contact:

Mathias Oertel
Head of Communications & PR

4Players GmbH – a division of Marquard Media Group
Deelbögenkamp 4c
22297 Hamburg
Tel.: + 49 40 607 742 623
Mobil: +49 170 400 4840

SCILL™ Play enters open beta phase

SCILL™ Play enters open beta phase

4Players launches Next-Generation Player Engagement Platform SCILL™:

SCILL™ Play open beta for Android and iOS now available

Hamburg, 2nd July 2019 – 4Players GmbH, a subsidiary of Marquard Media Group, has launched the open beta test of the SCILL™ Play app for Android and iOS.

SCILL™ is an innovative second screen engagement platform that allows developers, publishers as well as players to increase the entertainment value of games sustainably and significantly. SCILL™ Play is fully customizable and lets players actively decide which goals they want to achieve next – regardless of the requirements of the existing game design. Successfully completed challenges can be rewarded with experience points, SCILL™ Coins and great prizes.

SCILL™ Play offers beginners and hardcore players an interactive opportunity to challenge themselves and experience familiar games with new motivation. In addition, the platform offers publishers a real alternative to developing their own challenges or additional content, such as reward systems or battle passes, and thus has a positive effect on the development effort and time requirements.

SCILL Play new design

“After an intensive development period and positive feedback during the closed test phase, we are very excited about making SCILL™ Play accessible to a broad audience during our Open Beta,” says Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development and Product Manager of the SCILL™ platform. “SCILL™ Play offers players the opportunity to experience their favorite games in a completely new way. In addition to personal challenges and rewards, the app now also has new community features: Among other things, users can form or join alliances to overcome challenges together with other players. This makes the gaming experience even more collaborative and dynamic. We look forward to the feedback from players, developers and publishers, which will help us to further improve SCILL™ Play and adapt it to the wishes of our users”.

More information and download links are available at