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Why Influencer Marketing is Positive for Technology Companies: The Benefits of Working with Micro and Nano Influencers
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Why Influencer Marketing is Positive for Technology Companies: The Benefits of Working with Micro and Nano Influencers

Written by Patty Toledo
02 Feb 2023

At 4Players, we are starting to explore the opportunities of working with nano and micro-influencers to not only expand our community and create brand awareness but also install a stronger sense of loyalty and improve retention. We think it could be fruitful to share some of our thoughts in those regards.

Influencer marketing has become a popular marketing strategy for many businesses, especially in games. It is a cost-effective and targeted way to reach potential customers and build brand awareness. In this article, we’ll explore why working with micro and nano influencers can be especially beneficial for technology companies, focusing on the positive effects on brand awareness, user acquisition, marketing, and more.

Brand awareness: 

Micro and nano influencers have smaller, highly engaged audiences, making them a potent tool for building brand awareness. When technology companies partner with these influencers, they can reach new audiences and promote their products and services to a targeted group of potential customers. Additionally, because micro and nano influencers are often seen as trusted sources of information by their followers, technology companies can build credibility and trust in their brands by working with them.

User acquisition: 

Influencer marketing can also be an effective way for technology companies to acquire new users. By partnering with micro and nano influencers, companies can reach potential customers who may not have heard of their products otherwise. This type of marketing is often more personal and authentic than traditional forms of advertising, and it can be a powerful way to educate potential customers about the features and benefits of your technology. And, as their audiences are targeted, it is easier to make sure you are talking to keen ears.

A sense of loyalty:

Working with micro and nano influencers over an extended period of time can help increase loyalty within a given community. As these influencers continue to share content about your brand and products, their followers will become more familiar with your company and develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards it. This type of long-term influencer marketing can foster a sense of community and create a dedicated group of brand advocates who are more likely to recommend your products and services to others. They become more than just marketing tools, they are an inherent part of your team. Additionally, by building strong relationships with micro and nano influencers, technology companies can ensure that their marketing efforts are consistent and effective over time, further strengthening the loyalty of their community and brand cohesion.

Patience required:

Several factors influence how quickly campaigns with nano- and micro-influencers show results. This includes the size and engagement of the influencer’s audience, the type of content shared, and the campaign’s marketing goals. On average, it may take several weeks to several months to start seeing measurable results from influencer marketing campaigns with nano and micro-influencers. Finding the right influencers alone may take several weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re looking for brand ambassadors who will be loyal to you every step of the way, not just for one-time collaborations. It’s crucial to remember that influencer marketing is not a one-time endeavour and that sustained campaigns over time are more likely to produce long-term results. Building relationships with nano and micro-influencers and continuously promoting your brand through their channels can help achieve the final expected outcomes.


Finally, working with micro and nano influencers can also help technology companies improve their overall marketing strategy. These influencers have smaller, highly engaged audiences, they can help companies reach a more targeted group of potential customers, reducing the cost and increasing the impact of marketing efforts. By partnering with a variety of micro and nano influencers, technology companies can reach multiple niche audiences and expand their reach.

We want more than just ‘marketing parrots’ repeating slogans, but instead real collaborations with our audience and long-lasting relationships with those we work with. We are very careful in curating the best talents and building the influencer community we can work with for years to come. This allows us to harness the positive impacts of influencer marketing to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, acquire new users, and improve their marketing strategy.