Why connection is important for more than business.
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Why connection is important for more than business.

Written by Patty Toledo
29 Sep 2022

This week, we were lucky enough to attend and present at PGConnects Helsinki, event organised by Steel Media Ltd. Seeing our friends and colleagues in the industry in person again after a long period of isolation, made us reflect on the importance of connections.

We have previously discussed the effects of isolation on mental health. Now, we would like to discuss the importance of networking for business and personal growth.

As developers, it’s common to think that all we need is our team, our creativity and our skills. This may be true when it comes to the production phases, but without the feedback and support of business peers, success can wander out of reach.

Networking is one of the most challenging yet beneficial tasks for companies. It requires skills that are not as tangible and simple to explain as programming or artistic talents, and it takes time and dedication to bring in results.

Networking is the art of building trust and a rapport with your peers. It implies a connection different from friendship, but no less complex. Knowing people is not enough. It is necessary to understand and show true interest in others, be open to sharing thoughts and ideas, and be at the ready to start meaningful discussions that could lead to exciting new prospects and opportunities.

If you see events as a way to get clients, have quick business meetings or achieve sales targets, you are in danger of being inefficient and potentially viewed as obnoxious. Some developers will avoid you, others will meet you out of their business needs - but they won’t enjoy the encounter.

If you see events as true opportunities to connect with people and learn interesting things, you will always be satisfied with the results. In order to do that, you need to have a sincere interest in others and have an open mind about how your product or project can support them. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

These are the core values we at 4Players live by: with curious minds and a deep desire to be helpful. Our partners, our community, our players and our developers are the king. These people are the stars that motivate us to keep creating great tools for them to produce their magic.

So we are very thankful for the opportunity to attend and present at events like PGConnects Helsinki, to share our insights and meet amazing developers and partners.

Deep connections are key for us at 4Players, and we hope that with ODIN and 4NetPlayers, we can continue to support players and developers to forge deep relationships.