The world is our oyster: why building an international community can make a difference
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The world is our oyster: why building an international community can make a difference

Written by Patty Toledo
06 Oct 2022

There was a time when it was enough to stay local - exporting was a choice and working exclusively in your own region was a suitable option. With the introduction of the internet, everything changed. Local businesses began to get a taste of the global life - for technology companies, going international became a must. The idea of building a global community is very appealing, but it is not easy. Several things must be considered for it to work.

To build a global reach, it is crucial to understand the importance of cultural diversity and creating rapport through social engagement. People are keen to connect, so give your community good reasons to want to connect with you. Every new area you move into is different, but there will always be common features that connect them. These cultures are a melting pot of uniqueness, linked by feelings, needs and thoughts - connect these and you will paint a picture that only your global community can colour.

It’s vital to have clear goals when it comes to your community. Create a visual statement so your members know why and what they are joining. This way, you can guarantee you are attracting and retaining the right people. Create a friendly online space where your members can communicate and connect, people want to engage in discussions, and have an open platform to ask questions and be heard. Make sure their experience is pleasant and that accessibility and transparency are words you’ve always got in your mind.

Talking about transparency, remember you are connecting with people from all over the world. They all have different views and experiences, but they all understand and recognize honesty. Being clear and careful about cultural and geographical nuances will help you build a true relationship with the members. Don’t think one size fits all – embrace the differences and be flexible, all while being yourself. You won’t attract everybody, but the members who join you will appreciate what you are trying to do and remain with you.

Working with people worldwide may seem like a herculean task, but breaking it into sub-communities and covering several sub-topics allows you to diversify the global community, making it easier to share and find information. Remember, this is not about you: this is about adding value and creating connections, fulfilling your community’s needs and wants, and building loyalty. Understand your audience,support them, and you will go a long way.

For us at 4Players, it is all about our global community – building it and growing it. That is why we are so keen to attend events all over the world and to listen to what developers and players need. Meet us at W <3 Games in Helsinki, MEGAMIGS Festival in Montreal, Scottish Games Week in Dundee, and G-Star in Busan. This is only the beginning. We want to support developers and players from all over the world, so there is much more to come in the future, and it’s looking bright!