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We live in two worlds
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We live in two worlds

Written by Patty Toledo
22 Aug 2022

Our physical life is full of challenges, struggles and heartbreak. There are a lot of great things that happen, but they are mostly out of our hands. Opportunities are not dished out fairly, and most of us won’t live our “dream life” in the physical world.

Our digital life, however, can be flawless. We can be anything we want, and our fantasies can come true in the metaverse / digital world. We can have the career we always dreamed of, the respect we always craved, and the deserved recognition for our accomplishments.

As technology advances at an astonishing pace, so does our immersion into digital life. Although there are a tonne of moral and social issues in the metaverse to be considered, let’s, for now, focus on the emotional implications of immersion in the digital world.

Human beings need to be social. We need conversation, to exchange ideas and share our fears. Some individuals are more physical than others, but the concept of contact still remains. Sensory deprivation experiments have shown subjects becoming disoriented, having difficulty concentrating, being unable to solve problems, and some radical cases even experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. Our senses play a huge role in our well-being.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that being isolated can be emotionally harmful. But even though we acknowledge that, we are still focusing continuously on our digital lives. The reasons vary. Nevertheless, it’s clear that we can’t ignore the path we are walking on.

The technological tools that will allow us to truly immerse ourselves in the digital world will be crucial for our experiences and well-being. This is why what we do at 4Players is so important. Everyone online needs servers to remain connected and safe. Data protection is another important factor for us, deserving of a full blog dedicated to it. With ODIN, we offer a full 3D sound and voice experience in the easiest way possible. We apply the full capabilities that Unity and Unreal Engine already offer for best results, making life easier for developers.

As visual technology advances in strides, it is time to do the same with #audio technology. It’s one step closer to a full-on immersive experience. For many developers, sound has been put in the background, as a second-thought feature. Voice is not even considered as there are so many challenges to face in implementation and safety. But ignoring its importance to the full experience is a mistake.

As developers, we want to help the players to have varied emotional reactions to our creations, and to feel the urge to return to them, and play them over and over again. We are still not there when it comes to having all five senses engaged in the digital world, but why not assure our community gets the most of it?

To learn how we can help to integrate immersive voice chat and sound experiences into your game, visit or send us a message.