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Revolutionizing gaming Communication: ODIN by 4Players supports Gray Zone Warfare with next-gen Voice Chat
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Revolutionizing gaming Communication: ODIN by 4Players supports Gray Zone Warfare with next-gen Voice Chat

Written by Sven Paulsen
29 Apr 2024

Hamburg, 29. April 2024 - The globally operating software company 4Players GmbH announces its partnership with MADFINGER Games, the developer behind the highly anticipated tactical first-person shooter Gray Zone Warfare. The collaboration aims to level up in-game communication by integrating 4Players’ next generation Voice Chat SDK, ODIN, into MADFINGER Games’ upcoming title.

MADFINGER Games’ goal is to create a complex and realistic gaming experience that allows players to embark on an adventure alone or in a team. To ensure excellent communication during tactical approaches, ODIN was the best choice for MADFINGER Games’ Technical Director Johanny Clerc-Renaud:

“Selecting ODIN as the voice chat in our upcoming title, Gray Zone Warfare, was a pivotal decision driven by both technical and business considerations. Technically, ODIN ticks a lot of our criteria with its support for spatial audio, a ready-to-deploy Unreal Engine 5 plugin and the ability to meet any player load thanks to their cloud hosting. From a business perspective, the agility and openness of partnering with a company like 4Players meant we could work hand-in-hand to tailor the solution to our specific needs. This includes a seamless integration with Wwise, allowing us to modulate voice data for a more immersive and engaging player experience. Together, these factors made ODIN the undeniable choice for Gray Zone Warfare, enabling us to make our game even more memorable.”

By natively integrating ODIN Voice Chat into Unreal Engine 5, MADFINGER Games’ developers could focus on creating ultra-realistic game content instead of managing complex data sets. By leveraging ODIN’s scalable cloud hosting, MADFINGER Games can also ensure seamless service delivery to players worldwide, improving accessibility and the gaming experience.

With features such as real-time 3D spatial audio – including audio occlusion and ambient effects – for the global voice chat as well as full-volume radio communication, ODIN sets a new standard for multiplayer engagement and promotes immersive and crystal-clear interactions between players. This level of immersive communication not only enhances gameplay, but also strengthens the social fabric in the gaming community.

“ODIN represents the future of in-game communication. We combine cutting-edge technology with decades of expertise in the gaming industry to create a product that is fun and designed to improve gamers’ communication,” says Phillip Schuster, CEO at 4Players GmbH. “We are excited to be working with MADFINGER Games to further optimize the immersion of Gray Zone Warfare. The partnership highlights our shared goal of driving social interaction and creating a unique gaming experience.”

With the release of Gray Zone Warfare for Early Access on 30th April 2024, players will experience unparalleled realistic gaming communication with ODIN.

About ODIN

4Players’ next generation voice chat SDK, ODIN, offers unrivalled audio quality. ODIN supports full engine integration for Unity, Unreal Engine (4.x/5.x) and web applications and works cross-platform. In addition, the voice chat provides crystal-clear communication for more than s users per room simultaneously and can be scaled horizontally almost indefinitely.

About 4Players

4Players is a provider for multiplayer services and creates metaverse-ready, cross-platform, safe and interactive experiences with ODIN, an ultra-immersive voice chat tool, including full 3D spatial audio support. The sub brand 4Netplayers is one of the largest game server providers in Europe and offers ultra-low latency hosting worldwide. The server fleet is represented in 18 locations (USA, EU, Asia, Australia) and is always equipped with the latest server technology.


MADFINGER Games is a globally renowned independent game studio with a rich portfolio of award-winning titles played by millions of people worldwide.
Gray Zone Warfare is an immersive tactical FPS with a maximum focus on realism. Join a Private Military Company and navigate a vast open world setting alone or in a squad. Adapt to your surroundings, use tactics to your advantage, and fight against other human operators and AI-controlled enemies.