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Introducing Unreal SDK 1.5.6: Expanding iOS Support and Enhanced Stability
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Introducing Unreal SDK 1.5.6: Expanding iOS Support and Enhanced Stability

Written by Sven Paulsen
28 Jun 2023


We are thrilled to announce the release of our Unreal SDK 1.5.6. This version brings robust support for iOS, various new features, significant improvements in system stability, and compatibility for upcoming Unreal Engine 5.3 releases.

What’s New in Unreal SDK 1.5.6?


  • The Core SDK has been updated to version 1.5.5.
  • We’ve now switched to static linking on iOS and macOS, making your development process more streamlined.

New Features

  • iOS Support: We have expanded our platform reach to include iOS, enabling more users to experience high-quality voice communication.
  • Reset Function: The new Reset function resets media handles on ODIN synth components, offering greater control over media handling.
  • Room User Data Changed Event: The SDK now broadcasts a ‘Room User Data Changed’ event, providing real-time information about changes in user data.
  • Support for Unreal Engine 5.3: We are ensuring your projects stay ahead of the curve with support for the upcoming Unreal Engine 5.3 releases.

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Unreal Engine Build Issues: Fixed potential build issues with Unreal Engine 5.1 and later.
  • Garbage Collection of Handles: Resolved an issue where handles were unexpectedly garbage collected, resulting in closed connections.
  • Invalidated Structures Access: Fixed issues causing application crashes due to accessing pointers linked to invalidated structures.
  • Asynchronous Access Violations: Resolved crashes resulting from asynchronous access violations.
  • Game-Thread Synchronization: Enhanced system stability by wrapping each event with game-thread synchronization tasks.
  • Event Handling Update: Event handling now uses task-launching on a per-event basis, offering more efficient processing.
  • AVAudioSession Configuration: To mitigate potential crash issues on iOS, we’ve ensured the proper configuration of AVAudioSession.
  • Linker Issues: Fixed linker issues caused by the use of a newer clang version in Unreal Engine 5 projects.


The Unreal SDK 1.5.6 brings significant enhancements and expanded platform support, ensuring a more robust voice communication experience for users across various platforms. Upgrade to Unreal SDK 1.5.6 today and benefit from the new features and stability improvements in your projects. We look forward to your feedback and to continually refining our SDKs for your needs.