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Double the Fun This Easter with 4NetPlayers' Double Slot Madness Promotion
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Double the Fun This Easter with 4NetPlayers' Double Slot Madness Promotion

Written by Nils Schäfer
18 Mar 2024


Easter is around the corner, and 4NetPlayers is excited to announce an egg-ceptional offer that’s sure to bring double the fun to your gaming experience! Introducing our Double Slot Madness Easter promotion – an opportunity to enjoy your favorite games with friends and family like never before.

Double Slot Madness: What’s the Buzz?

This Easter, from 18th of March to April 1st we’re doubling the joy with our Double Slot Madness promotion. For a limited time, customers can enjoy twice the number of slots on their servers at no extra cost, plus an unbeatable 50% discount for the first month. Whether you’re hosting epic battles or exploring vast worlds together, there’s never been a better time to expand your gaming horizons.

For Gamers: More Slots, More Fun

Imagine hosting larger game sessions, inviting more friends to join in, and eggs-periencing twice the excitement without worrying about server space. With double the slots, your gaming adventures can scale to new heights, making every session more memorable.

For Affiliate Partners: An Egg-citing Opportunity to Earn

Affiliate partners, we haven’t forgotten about you. This promotion isn’t just a fantastic deal for gamers; it’s a golden opportunity for you to grow your network and earnings. By combining our Double Slot Madness offer with the ability to create individual €5 vouchers through our in-house parner program, you can provide a compelling offer to your audience.

How to Hop On

Eager to get crackin’ on these egg-cellent deals? Here’s your game plan:

Double the Slots: More room for players means more fun and flexibility for hosting game sessions. 50% Off the First Month: A fantastic deal that makes it easier than ever to get started or upgrade your current server. Boost Your Earnings: Affiliates can leverage this promotion along with our €5 vouchers for attractive commissions. How to Get Started

Ready to dive into the madness? Here’s how:

For New and Existing Customers: Simply navigate to 4NetPlayers and choose your server plan. The double slots and 50% discount will be automatically applied during the promotional period.

For Affiliates: Visit the 4NetPlayers Affiliate Hub to create your €5 discount codes. Share these codes along with the news of our Double Slot Madness promotion to maximize your earnings.


The Double Slot Madness Easter promotion from 4NetPlayers is your ticket to a gaming experience that’s twice as fun and rewarding. Whether you’re looking to host bigger game sessions or find new ways to earn through our Affiliate Hub, there’s something for everyone. Don’t let this egg-citing opportunity pass you by – hop into the action and make this Easter unforgettable!

Start enjoying double the slots and fantastic discounts today, and let the Easter gaming festivities begin!