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A groundbreaking year: A 2022 Retrospective
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A groundbreaking year: A 2022 Retrospective

Written by Patty Toledo
29 Dec 2022

2022 is almost over and, as tradition dictates, it’s time to look back and reflect on everything that occurred in this eventful year. ‘Eventful’ doesn’t seem to cover it for us, with all the amazing things that have happened at 4Players in the last 12 months. Here are some of the highlights!


As 4Players moved away from the media channels and cemented its way as a technology company, it became evident that we needed to rebrand. We didn’t want to ignore our past, which we are very proud of, but mostly modernise and refresh, giving it a well-deserved new look.

And from these team efforts, a new company showcase was born, with the creative help of James Gilmour

Launching ODIN

First of all, our 3D voice chat tool - ODIN - was released to the world. After a lot of hard work, our dedicated team put all their expertise and love into creating something that truly provides the best immersive experience to players. The release started positively, with 32 projects either being released or under development that take full advantage of our SDK’s capabilities.

As well as this, ODIN is the first among its competitors to allow partners to choose between a zero maintenance solution, by 4Players hosting its services, and/or allowing self-hosting on the partners’ own servers or data centres. This means the partners can run the servers in an isolated environment, without the need for an internet connection, adding an extra layer of safety for companies with sensitive data issues.

Continued improvements to 4NetPlayers

Our efforts with 4NetPlayers have allowed this service to progress as well, expanding our reach to cover 19 server locations worldwide. Opening for Asian markets was a great achievement for us this year, as we know how important it is to serve such a key region of the gaming world. 

We also added 25 new games in 2022, amounting to a staggering 373 titles in total. It is humbling to imagine that we have over 90 thousand servers being used every month, serving over one million players worldwide - and we won’t stop there. Another great achievement for us was to guarantee that all players can switch between games anytime, in a fast and easy manner. We are constantly learning the best practices to make our services even smoother and more pleasant for our community, thanks to our open communication with the audience, at all times. We are keen to keep improving the way we work in the future too, with the help of our community.

We went global

This year, 4Players took the world by storm. Our team visited three continents, and seven countries throughout 12 events - reaching over 430,000 attendees and meeting people from over 50 countries. Busan, Montreal, Helsinki, Prague, and more, showed us their beauty and knowledge, giving us the unique opportunity to showcase all the expert technology we are raring to share with the world.

Looking to the future

We finish this year with an optimistic feeling in our hearts and lots of ambition for next year. We believe that 2023 will be a truly seminal year for us as we aim to achieve even more impressive numbers and growth, keeping in mind the importance of quality, positive impact and connection and outstanding relationships throughout.

Looking to 2023, we will continue to strive to bring you all even more constructive content, masterful innovation and first-class support. This is not only the promise we make for you all but to ourselves, as we look forward to what the next 12 months will hold.

We, the team at 4Players, wish you all an insightful, positive and prosperous year!